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Microsoft patch causes users pain

Apr 10, 20063 mins

Latest security news.

Microsoft patch causes users pain, 04/10/06

Companies using Microsoft’s ActiveX technology within their Web applications will have to install a patch this week to avoid the possibility that changes in Internet Explorer could affect those applications adversely.

Secret security weapon, 04/10/06

There are dozens of brands of anti-virus, anti-spyware, desktop firewall and VPN products, and Benny Czarny has made it his business to know them all inside and out. Eight other engineers at OPSWAT, the San Francisco company that Czarny founded in 2002, do the same. Why?

Video: Quarantine dirty systems, 04/10/06

NetClarity’s Gary Miliefsky sits in the Hot Seat to explain how his company’s security technology picks up where anti-virus, firewalls, intrustion detection and intrustion prevention leave off.

Technology Update: Patch proxy eases update pressure, 04/10/06

The pressure to patch servers is increasing as regulatory requirements drive rapid patch deployment. Many organizations have deployed patch-management systems to simplify and manage rollouts of security patches, yet they’re still left with the need to test and verify that patches will not disrupt critical applications.

Microsoft exec warns of rootkits, 04/10/06

If your system gets infiltrated by a rootkit, you might as well just “waste the system entirely,” a Microsoft official told fellow security professionals last week at the annual InfoSec Conference here.

Users at LinuxWorld talk up security, 04/10/06

In conference sessions and hallway discussions at LinuxWorld Expo last week, open source users swapped strategies for hardening Linux servers and building open source applications that can repel hackers, stand up to regulators and survive the scrutiny of intellectual- property lawyers.

Virus threatens PCs running Linux or Windows, 04/07/06

Hackers have released a sample code for a virus that could infect both Linux and Windows PCs.

EFF files evidence against AT&T in wiretapping suit, 04/07/06

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) announced Friday that it filed evidence with the courts backing up its claims that AT&T provided unfettered access to its network for the purpose of wiretapping.

FTC, prosecutor shut down California spam operation, 04/07/06

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and California Attorney General Bill Lockyer have halted an operation that sent millions of unsolicited commercial e-mail messages in violation of federal and state laws, the FTC announced Friday.

Getting tech people to write things down, 04/07/06

At the InfoSec Conference this week, one well-attended session featured consultant Tom Walsh as the presenter on the topic “Managing IT Risks through the Assessment Process.” One comment Walsh made is that IT people too often fail to write things down …

Registrar’s database said to have exposed data, 04/07/06

A database problem with a U.S. domain name registrar exposed sensitive financial and personal information relating to thousands of domain name registrations, a Dutch company said Friday.