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Cisco, Juniper pry open WAN links and more

Apr 10, 20064 mins
Enterprise Applications

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From the front page

Cisco, Juniper pry open WAN links

Rivals Cisco and Juniper separately are set to announce products that could bolster the speed and efficiency of corporate wide-area connections.

Storage virtualization off to a slow start

Three years’ worth of market hype hasn’t been able to overcome this apparent truth about multivendor storage virtualization: Virtually no one is doing it.

Start-up touts ‘search unplugged’

Search the Web from your laptop or handheld – without an Internet connection of any kind?

Secret security weapon

There are dozens of brands of anti-virus, anti-spyware, desktop firewall and VPN products, and Benny Czarny has made it his business to know them all inside and out. Eight other engineers at OPSWAT, the San Francisco company that Czarny founded in 2002, do the same. Why?

In depth

The SOX tax

Since the passage of SOX in 2002, companies have complained about the legislation designed to help restore investor confidence in the wake of accounting scandals at Enron and WorldCom. The source of many complaints is Section 404, which requires companies to attest to the effectiveness of internal controls to safeguard systems and processes related to financial reporting.

This year’s hottest jobs in IT

If you’re thinking about mapping out your next career step, here are some of this year’s hottest job skills.

How to

Keeping a wireless network safe from product vulnerabilities

The experts from Wireless Vulnerabilities and Exploits answer the question: How do I secure my wireless network from specific and known product defects such as vulnerabilities in APs (e.g., Cisco Aironet AP Memory Exhaustion DoS)?

Nutter’s Help Desk: Diagnosing a broadband speed problem

Ron Nutter helps a user whose broadband speed goes down when he puts a router between his cable modem and his PC.


Ruckus delivers wireless multimedia performance

Multimedia (voice and video) is the next big thing to travel over a wireless LAN, and Ruckus delivers content via wireless multimedia, so we tested it.

From the blogs

Bruiser tallies up all the distressing news about your true network weakpoint – users’ laptops. Mark Gibbs writes that the recording industry really is as heartless as it seems. Keith Shaw wraps up the CTIA 2006 show. The Alpha Doggs take a look at the dark side of Web services.


Quarantine dirty systems

NetClarity’s Gary Miliefsky takes the Network World Hot Seat to explain how his company’s security technology picks up where anti-virus, firewalls, intrustion detection and intrustion prevention leave off.

More news

All eyes on Alcatel-Lucent merger

With the mega-merger of Lucent and Alcatel in the books, corporate users of Alcatel voice and data gear say the deal could be a boon for the French vendor’s market presence in the United States.

Microsoft exec warns of rootkits

If your system gets infiltrated by a rootkit, you might as well just “waste the system entirely,” a Microsoft official told fellow security professionals last week at the annual InfoSec Conference here.

Microsoft patch causes users pain

Companies using Microsoft’s ActiveX technology within their Web applications will have to install a patch this week to avoid the possibility that changes in Internet Explorer could affect those applications adversely.

Users at LinuxWorld talk up security

In conference sessions and hallway discussions at LinuxWorld Expo last week, open source users swapped strategies for hardening Linux servers and building open source applications that can repel hackers, stand up to regulators and survive the sc

Symantec tunes up its IM monitoring

Symantec is making it easier to monitor and control real-time applications being used on corporate networks.

EMC extends archiving software

EMC last week rolled out software for archiving e-mail messages and reporting data from enterprise applications.

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