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IP address mgmt. growing up

Apr 13, 20062 mins
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IP address mgmt. growing up, 04/12/06

When the Atlanta Journal-Constitution needed to share stories, photos and other editorial content with 15 sister publications in the Cox Newspaper family, network engineer Layne Meier didn’t look into updated WAN technologies, but working with the …

ActivIdentity upgrades single sign-on product to support smart cards, 04/12/06

IT security vendor ActivIdentity has released a new version of its single sign-on identity management product for large businesses, including new integrated support for smart cards, the company said Wednesday.

U.K. takes lessons from business continuity drill, 04/12/06

U.K. financial institutions need to think ahead and communicate more when faced with a crisis such as a terrorist attack that could dramatically affect their operations, according to a report issued by top financial authorities.

New service deletes files on stolen laptops, 04/12/06

Everdream has launched a service to delete or encrypt files on stolen PCs and laptops. But the service depends utterly on the thief being naive enough to connect the stolen PC/laptop to the Internet without wiping the existing software on the hard drive first.

PolyServe helps consolidate SQL Server systems, 04/12/06

PolyServe Wednesday announced it has released a utility for Microsoft’s SQL Server that aims to make it easier for enterprises to consolidate their database servers and cluster them for better performance and availability.

SPML 2.0 ratified as a standard for managing user access, 04/11/06

In a move that could open the door to more user account provisioning in the enterprise, the OASIS consortium approved the SPML (Service Provisioning Markup Language) version 2.0 specification as an official OASIS standard on Tuesday.