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Searching for a new phone at CTIA

Apr 13, 20063 mins
Network Security

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Keith Shaw’s Cool Tools Alert


Searching for a new phone at CTIA

In part 1 of our coverage from CTIA, Keith visits the Nokia booth in search of a replacement for his 3-year-old phone.

Searching for a new phone: The quest continues

Keith visits with Sony Ericsson and LG at CTIA in part 2 of his quest to find a replacement for his 3-year-old cell phone.


Watch out for wearable USB drives

Imation’s Flash Wristband, which costs about $40, is a USB flash storage drive with 256MB of capacity. The Flash Wristband is worn around your wrist instead of carried in your pocket or on a key chain. Made of the same materials as those yellow Lance Armstrong Livestrong bracelets, the Flash Wristband is a flexible option for carrying around your music, photos or other assorted files.

Plus: Verbatim’s $200 Store ‘n’ Go USB HD Drive, a lightweight portable storage drive with 8GB of capacity for all of your files.


Program lets teens create short films

Andy Warhol once said “In the future, everybody will be world famous for 15 minutes.” I think we need to amend the statement to, “In the future, everybody will create a 15-minute viral video or short film.”

Build a dartboard with common office materials

The folks at Linkadelic Magazine offer a great way to waste some time – create your own darts with common office materials, such as paper, rubberbands and wooden matches (Ed: Who has wooden matches in their office?)

Save the “company” on company time

Who says IT guys don’t have a sense of humor? Check out the IT Defender game from Fortify Software. The game lets users “protect their companies from the bad guys (e.g. hackers, malicious insiders) without suffering any real world consequences.”

Toshiba launches thin & light tablet

If you’ve been complaining about the weight of your Tablet PC, Toshiba’s Digital Products Division has a new version of its Portege Tablet series that can lighten your load. The new M405-S8003 weighs about 4.5 pounds and will be sold at major consumer electronics stores starting at $2,000.

Maxtor announces new storage drives

As part of an announcement on “the future of storage innovation,” Maxtor today announced a few new products expected to come down the pike in a few months, including the OneTouch III Mini Edition, a portable external storage drive that aims to let people take digital content on the go.

Watch TV on your PC without a cable line

Another broadband television content provider has launched, allowing users to watch TV on their PC without having to connect a cable line or having to download any extra software. VDC Corp. today announced nationwide availability of its Television On the Desktop (TOD) service, which gives subscribers (basic service is $11.95 per month) access to a bunch of live cable television channels without needing a special box or software.

Putting the wireless phone cart before the horse

A lot of the buzz here at the CTIA Wireless show focuses on new cell phones and new applications that can run on these cell phones (TV! e-mail! photos! turn-by-turn driving directions! weather!). But all of these new devices and applications can be an impending nightmare for companies that have no …

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