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OASIS in document desert with ODF?

Apr 03, 20063 mins
Enterprise Applications

Tolly: OASIS in document desert with ODF? 04/03/06

Even ancient information almost always has some program to unlock it. I recently found 20-year-old files that were written using IBM’s DisplayWrite software. Twenty minutes later, I had a freeware program to convert them to ASCII text. Sure, put ODF …

Johnson: Get a handle on next-gen networks, 04/03/06

Like generals who always seem to fight the last war, federal officials are busy trying to regulate yesterday’s networks. Listen to the buzz in Washington and you’ll come away feeling the Internet was invented in approximately 1995 and has stayed …

Bradner: Microsoft: Delaying Windows products, spreading FUD about Linux…, 04/03/06

Things may be changing on the patent front. In mid-March the U.S. Supreme Court heard an important case concerning what can be patented, and soon will hear another concerning when injunctions can be employed to stop others using a technology. In …

User View: Learning to live with spam, 04/03/06

Common sense is the best defense against becoming a victim of spam. Never send your bank account information to anyone via e-mail. Never enter your credit card information unless you have verified the validity of a Web site. And no matter what the e- …

Dzubeck: Bandwidth management is here to stay, 04/03/06

Bandwidth management is here to stay as long as delivering a high quality of corporate customer satisfaction is important to the bottom line. Like it or not, bandwidth management appliances and software will always exist.

Editorial: Are we losing our tech advantage? 04/03/06

While the report has something of a Chicken Little feel to it, we side with the institute’s recommended actions as being sensible next steps in the evolution of the industry: ‘Relieve disproportionate regulatory burdens’ on telco and cable TV …

Nutter’s Help Desk: Exending WiFi range, 04/03/06

I’m using a 2-Wire HomePortal 1000SW and I am having trouble with getting a good signal in my upstairs bedroom where we have a wireless connection for our XBOX and another wireless connection for another computer. I was thinking about running an …

Cool Tools: DataDots offer device security, 04/03/06

Check out the DataDot Personal DNA Kit, about $20, from DataDot USA.

‘Net Buzz: So wrong about so many things, 04/03/06

‘Net Buzz gives its readers a chance to sound off this week.

Gearhead: Video fun with avatars and Skype, 04/03/06

All in all, the QuickCam Fusion Webcam with Skype is a good, low-cost videoconferencing solution and, as you can present yourself as a shark or a gingerbread man, pretty good fun as well.

Dr. Internet: Converting MPEG-4 video into QuickTime, 04/03/06

I want to convert a large collection of MPEG-4 video files into hinted QuickTime movies. Is there software that can automatically convert the files?

Bleeding Edge: Are your bandwidth usage models wrong? 03/28/06

As service providers plan their networks and make strategic technology choices – like fiber to the home vs. fiber to the node vs. enhanced CO DSL – they rely upon certain assumptions about how customers will want to use bandwidth, and what sorts of …