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Converting MPEG-4 video into QuickTime; Exending Wi-Fi range

Apr 03, 20062 mins
Enterprise Applications

* Dr. Internet columnist Steve Blass offers advice on converting MPEG-4 video into QuickTime * Help Desk columnist Ron Nutter offers advice on extending Wi-Fi range

* Converting MPEG-4 video into QuickTime

By Steve Blass

Q: I want to convert a large collection of MPEG-4 video files to hinted QuickTime movies. Is there software that can automatically convert the files?

A: Examples and instructions for using Apple Script to manage the process with QuickTime Pro are available on Apple’s developer Web site. (Hint tracks tell a server how to package media data for a network.)

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* Exending Wi-Fi range

By Ron Nutter

Q: I’m using a 2-Wire HomePortal 1000SW and I am having trouble with getting a good signal in my upstairs bedroom where we have a wireless connection for our XBOX and another wireless connection for another computer. I was thinking about running an Ethernet cable from a hub where the 2-Wire is located to the upstairs location and put another wireless router at that point. Will this work, or do you have another suggestion?

A: I didn’t find anything on the 2-Wire Web site to indicate that your 1000SW had external antenna jacks for Wi-Fi component of the router. If you do have antenna jacks on the back of the unit, see if you can find external antennas for the unit either from the manufacturer or from a third party. This might be the easiest way to increase the coverage area of your existing system short of adding another access point.

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