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Siemens software sets WLAN security

Apr 18, 20066 mins
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Siemens software sets WLAN security, 04/17/06

Siemens is set to unveil this week wireless LAN management software that includes intrusion detection and prevention.

Layer 8: D-Link: Playing with time?, 04/18/06

D-Link is being accused of screwing up the Internet’s sense of time. “Internet time overseers” say the vendor’s routers, switches and wireless access points are bombarding some ‘Net time servers…

Wireless and the great indoors, 04/17/06

With mobile phone service available in more than 210 countries, blanketing most major cities, you might think rural areas are the top priority for extending wireless coverage. You would be wrong. There is an urgent need for better wireless coverage …

Cool Tools: CTIA 2006: New cell phone roundup, 04/17/06

Welcome to Cool Tools Bonus Coverage of the CTIA Wireless 2006, in which I highlight some of my favorite new cell phones shown at the show. Think of this as the Bonus Features, if my column were a DVD.

Unbreakable: The making of rugged computers, 04/17/06

Makers of ‘ruggedized’ computers put products to extreme tests.

Start-up Divitas touts answer for VoWLAN/cellular convergence, 04/17/06

Multifunction appliance and dual-mode handset software ties together WLAN and cellular.

Help Desk: Long-range WiFi, 04/17/06

My granddaughter live a mile and a half from me, and I can see her place, since I am on a hill. She has WiFi. Is there a legal way to receive a signal from her using an ant24-1800 D-Link antenna?

Opinion:Let competition bring broadband to boonies – and New Orleans, 04/17/06

I have nothing against telcos making a profit. Capitalism is the engine that drives the economy. But competition is the fuel. A business model based on lobbying politicians to stifle competition leaves the innovation engine running on fumes – and …

NYPD deploys wireless street cams, 04/17/06

The NYPD is deploying wireless video cameras on Manhattan streets to fight crime. Following the lead of other major cities such as London, Chicago and Washington, the city hopes to…

Cool Tools: Wi-Fi phones could cause problems, 04/17/06

Do you remember all of those employees who brought home wireless LAN equipment and then started bringing their cards and access points into the workplace? If you thought that was a mess, get ready for Wave 2 – the Wi-Fi cell phone.

802.11s extends wireless outdoors 04/17/06

An IEEE technical group is working to develop the 802.11s standard for wireless LAN (WLAN) mesh networking. At last month’s plenary session, the group announced the baseline document for the standard. The group expects to have an initial draft by July …

New Orleans CIO vows to keep city Wi-Fi at high speeds, 04/14/06

After surviving Hurricane Katrina and the early recovery efforts following last year’s disaster, the CIO of New Orleans said he plans to continue fighting to keep a free downtown wireless Internet network functioning at high speeds.

RealNetworks wins patent suit over Ethos, 04/14/06

RealNetworks Friday said it has won a patent-infringement suit that Ethos Technologies brought against the company in 2002.

Helio bundles Yahoo into phones, 04/13/06

Helio, the U.S. mobile service provider formed by Earthlink and SK Telecom, continues to line up content services prior to launch, announcing on Thursday a tie-up with Yahoo.

Buffalo ships pre-standard 802.11n WLAN gear, 04/13/06

Faster wireless LAN equipment based on the draft of a new standard came out of the chute Thursday from Buffalo Technology (USA).

Sprint helps parents keep tabs on their kids, 04/13/06

For some kids with overprotective parents, maybe owning a cell phone won’t be so cool after all. Sprint Nextel launched a service on Thursday allowing parents to track their children with the help of GPS (Global Positioning System) technology embedded …

Mobile domain hopes to dominate mobile Internet, 04/13/06

Relief may be on the way to mobile phone users frustrated with viewing poorly structured Web pages on their handsets and companies annoyed with the high-content development costs.

Wireless operators await spectrum auctions, 04/13/06

IDG News Service’s Stephen Lawson reports that U.S. mobile operators are anticipating a pair of upcoming radio spectrum auctions that will open up …

Sony Ericsson profits surge on strong phone sales, 04/13/06

Mobile phone maker Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Thursday reported a surge in first-quarter profits, helped by a large increase in the number of phones it shipped.

Singapore first to get BlackBerry on Treo 650, 04/13/06

Singapore Telecommunications Wednesday became the first operator in the world to offer access to the BlackBerry e-mail service for Treo 650 smart phone users, according to Research In Motion.

Samsung to launch Q1 ultra mobile PC in May – Network World, 04/13/06

Samsung Electronics is planning to put its Q1 ultra mobile PC on sale worldwide in May, the company said Thursday.

RIM to launch BlackBerry in China by late May, 04/13/06

Research In Motion is working with the world’s largest cellular phone service provider, China Mobile (Hong Kong) to launch its popular BlackBerry mobile e-mail services in China by the end of May, a spokeswoman said Thursday.

BlackBerry, meet China Unicom’s RedBerry, 04/12/06

China United Telecommunications, the country’s second-largest mobile operator, has introduced a push e-mail service with a name that closely echoes Research In Motion’s popular BlackBerry service.

Critics hit SF Wi-Fi plan on privacy, interference, 04/12/06

San Francisco’s choice of Google and EarthLink to build a citywide Wi-Fi network is likely to interfere with some residents’ privacy and many Wi-Fi users’ radio signals, critics of the plan said this week.

Qualcomm chipset could triple wireless bandwidth, 04/12/06

Users of mobile electronics could triple their wireless bandwidth next year with new chipsets from Qualcomm.

Wireless in the Enterprise Newsletter: Cellular vs. mobile WiMAX, 04/12/06

For many mobile workforces, the name of the game is coverage. Today, maintaining connectivity in as many places as possible usually requires using more than …

FCC sets wireless auction rules, 04/12/06

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) this week established rules for its June 29 auction of spectrum licenses for Advanced Wireless Services (AWS).

Nokia news may mean new markets buy pricey phones, 04/12/06

Nokia’s announcement that the average selling price of its phones has been higher than expected could indicate that people in developing countries don’t want only the cheapest phones after all, an expert said.

Omron plans big boost to RFID manufacturing, 04/11/06

Japan’s Omron Tuesday said it plans to more than double its production capacity of RFID inlays within the coming months. launches mobile access with acquisition, 04/11/06 Tuesday announced that it has acquired wireless technology developer Sendia for $15 million in cash.