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Apr 25, 20062 mins

* Acunetix puts together site on Web site security

Almost everyone in business seems to have a Web site now. Even I have a Web site. Having one’s Web site trashed by a criminal hacker, especially if he or she is eight years old, is highly embarrassing. If the Web site is used for e-commerce or e-learning, having it out of service can be a genuine disaster.

Start-up Acunetix protects Web sites against unauthorized modifications and denial-of-service attacks. The company announced its Web Vulnerability Scanner last July as a tool for identifying vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. Acunetix also recently announced a useful site for anyone interested in security Web sites (as usual, I have no relationship whatsoever with the vendor):

The site is attractively laid out and easy to navigate. One does not have to register to be able to access the information (hurray!). Links on the left provide lists of recent news articles from credible sources, a page with a couple of white papers, a collection of articles about Web security, and links to outside sources of security white papers.

The two Acunetix white papers are “The Importance of Web Application Scanning” and “Auditing Website Security.”

The Web Site Security Articles page has articles on PHP/SQL security, network security devices, domain contamination, SQL injection attacks, integrating security into application development, path traversal attacks, and Google hacking, among other topics.

The Links page lists URLs for SANS, the Web Application Security Consortium and the Open Web Application Security Project.

I am eagerly awaiting a Web site devoted to the security of the Web Site Security Web site. Then I’ll have an article recursively entitled… wait for it… “(Web-site security Web site)-security Web site.”

Oh well, geeks have to have fun too.