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BreachGate Sitegrity aims to ensure Web site integrity

Apr 26, 20063 mins
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* Hackers be gone thanks to Sitegrity

I’ll bet most of you have thought about ensuring the integrity of your Web sites but how many of you have actually done anything about it?

Just imagine the chaos that is caused by site defacement or network failure. I just heard about a site that hackers had compromised in such a way that users could see the new content (porno links, just what every business wants added to their home page) but the ISP couldn’t.

The actual details at the time of writing are unclear because the victim is still trying to figure out exactly what’s going on but the cost in time and lost service must be in the man-days already and the hack was only discovered this morning!

So what are you going to do? Here in the Network World Web Applications newsletter we’ve looked at some interesting solutions in the past and today we have a new one: BreachGate Sitegrity from Breach Security.

Sitegrity controls and secures the data as it leaves the organizations’ perimeter by keeping fraudulent information and corrupted transactions from being published.

Sitegrity’s ExitControl feature monitors everything leaving the Web server and confirms that all content, both static and dynamic, is authentic and unaltered. Any false data is dynamically replaced with the original and intended content.

The other features of Sitegrity include:

* AppProtect, which validates incoming HTTP requests by filtering out fraudulent and incorrect data.

* AppWatch, which monitors the “digital signature” of server applications and shuts down damaged or altered applications automatically.

* Recovery, which blocks hacked pages from being sent to the customer.

* Secure Site Duplicate, which keeps an encrypted and secured copy of the site to be used to restore the content when automatic recovery is triggered.

* Automated Signing Process, which signs new content.

* Digital Signatures, which stores the content and application signatures and validates all content leaving the Web server.

Sitegrity is an appliance-based product that sits between the server(s) and the Internet and operates using pass-through, that is, by relaying IP packets transparently so the device isn’t visible to hackers. It is claimed to impose virtually no degradation on Web site performance and it works in any server environment.

Sitegrity also supports SSL pass-through as well as SSL termination which improves server performance. Sitegrity appliances can be run in hot standby mode to ensure availability. See the Sitegrity FAQ.

BreachGate Sitegirty is an interesting and practical approach to securing and ensuring the availability of your Web servers. Pricing starts at $24,995.


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