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Securing UC Berkeley’s network

Apr 24, 20062 mins

Latest security news.

Securing UC Berkeley’s network, 04/24/06

Clifford Frost, director of UC Berkeley’s Communications and Network Services, on how IT has evolved, getting ahead of security challenges, handling security breaches and more.

NetContinuum upgrades application firewall hardware, software, 04/24/06

NetContinuum is jacking up the power of its application firewall with a new appliance that replaces its initial offering and adds new options for deployment that are less intrusive to the network.

Opinion: Obscurity vs. business reality, 04/24/06

It seems that after my last Insider column, a lot of people think xenophobia is acceptable. This boggles my mind, but as I’m entitled to my opinion – as is everyone else – let’s see whether I can’t slay another sacred cow of the new security thinking.

Opinion: Authentication: Where’s the magic factor? 04/24/06

As cybercrime threatens online banking security and technologists debate the efficacy of two-factor authentication solutions, business and technical questions remain.

Opinion: Content management vs. DRM, 04/24/06

Digital rights management as applied in the enterprise is primarily another mechanism for control that enables and ensures compliance with laws, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, by creating an audit trail of use and attempted use.

Protesters try to foil U.K. ID card plan, 04/21/06

A U.K. group worried about the security of personal data to be collected under a new identity card plan is calling on people to renew their passports in May to avoid being part of the identity card scheme for at least 10 years.

Researchers finds a mitt full of Mac bugs, 04/21/06

A Mission Viejo, Calif., security researcher has posted code that exploits a number of newly discovered and unpatched bugs in the Mac OS X platform.

Microsoft to re-issue buggy security patch, 04/21/06

Microsoft plans to re-issue a security patch for its Windows operating system that caused serious headaches for some users.

New York county enacts wireless security law, 04/21/06

Westchester County, N.Y., this week enacted a new law that requires local businesses to implement “minimum security measures” for protecting their wireless networks.