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Corrections and conversions; Content management vs. DRM

Apr 25, 20062 mins
Enterprise Applications

* Gearhead: Corrections and conversions * Backspin: Content management vs. DRM * The past 7 days on Gibbsblog

Gearhead: Corrections and conversions

As you might have guessed, the Wolverine MVP 60GB Portable Multimedia Storage and Player we reviewed a couple of weeks ago is a candidate for creative hacking.

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Backspin: Content management vs. DRM

Over the last few years we’ve seen content management systems (CMS) that focused pretty much exclusively, on Web content evolve to meet, sometimes embrace and occasionally supplant traditional document-management software.

To read Backspin in its entirety, click here.

The past 7 days on Gibbsblog

Further thoughts on GreenScanner and info collaboration sites

A couple of days ago I posted a blog entry about GreenScanner and our very own Ken Fasimpur of the IT Borderlands blog added the comment that: “the quality and quantity of the data would seem a major issue. On a whim, I just added an environmental review of a CD I’m listening to. That’s now public information. If I have a grudge against Omni Consumer Products, can I report that their merchandise is produced by child labor and is responsible for the elimination of 1000 acres of rainforest per day? If I lie, will I be corrected?”

Ken raises an interesting point which is ignored or at best overlooked in many public information collaboration sites: How do you ensure truth and accuracy?


Should I buy it?

“Ever stand in a grocery aisle contemplating the unknown (and potentially unappealing) story about where a product comes from and what it contains? Given the deceptive nature of advertising and packaging, the best way to get a straight answer about a product is to aggregate the opinions of its users. Enter GreenScanner, a public database of consumer opinions about the environmental accountability of over 600,000 products.” — an entry posted by Sarah Rich on the Worldchanging blog.


Happy Spring

No, really. Happy Spring.


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