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How the biggest network companies measure up

Apr 25, 20061 min
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* Network World's NW200 issue

How the biggest network companies measure up

By Beth Schultz

In Today’s newsletter we’d like to highlight the NW200 issue.

Like a rite of spring, the NW200 has marked the industry’s ups and downs for the last dozen Aprils. This year’s list shows an industry in robust health. But it also registers one with changing dynamics. As the biggest companies keep bulking up, will they collapse under their own weight or blossom into fuller glory? We offer in-depth analysis to shed light on such questions.

Here’s just some of what you will find in the NW200:

Sizing up the NW200

2005 was a good year: North America’s largest network companies saw collective revenue up 11%, and 70% posted profits.

10 to watch

With cool technologies and growing businesses, see who’s headed for your network.

Where are they now?

We update the status of our 2005 Start-Ups to Watch picks. How did they fare in the past year?

CEOs’ secret tips on leadership

From morning business meetings in Paris to Tai Chi – nine NW200 CEOs tell us what makes them tick.

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