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Disaster recovery high on SAN user’s list

Apr 17, 20063 mins
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Disaster recovery high on SAN user’s list, 04/17/06

When Michael Amble’s storage-area network is down, it costs the financial-services firm he works for $4 million per hour. Fidelity National Financial in Jacksonville, Fla., which handles a third of the real estate title insurance issued nationwide, …

EMC to debut low-end virtual tape library, 04/17/06

EMC is scheduled this week to roll out a new low-capacity virtual tape library appliance that uses inexpensive Serial Advanced Technology Attachment drives to make it affordable for small and midsize businesses.

PolyServe squeezes SQL Servers, 04/17/06

To improve failover and reduce costs, PolyServe plans to release software this week designed to help companies consolidate their growing legions of SQL Servers.

Storage Weblog: Getting your boot from SAN fix, 04/14/06

One of the coolest announcements made at Storage Network World last week was Microsoft’s and IBM’s rollout of a software-based driver for booting diskless servers and blades from the Storage Area Network. The reason this is cool is because it does …

Taiwan mandates mobile phone, optical disc recycling, 04/14/06

Starting next Monday, people in Taiwan who fail to recycle mobile phones or optical discs, including CDs and DVDs, may face fines of up to NT$6,000 ($184), an official at the island’s Environmental Protection Administration said.

Small Business Technology Newsletter: A New Backup Option, 04/13/06

Forgive me, but I haven’t nagged you about backups in months. Remember how you promised yourself this year would be different? You included “regular data backups” …

Distributed computing project targets avian influenza, 04/13/06

A research institute is harnessing the power of thousands of computers over the Internet to investigate potential drug treatments for deadly avian influenza.

Storage Newsletter: Great Storage Haiku Contest 2006, 04/13/06

Today we depart from our usual commentary to bring you the following news: the second annual GREAT STORAGE HAIKU CONTEST, 2006 edition is ALMOST HERE!!!

SAN helps chemical firm keep oil wells pumping, 04/13/06

Everyone knows you can’t do a good frac job without slurry.

NetApp expands design center in India, 04/12/06

Network storage products vendor Network Appliance Wednesday announced that it is expanding a development center in Bangalore, India, that develops and supports some key product lines, including its NetCache caching product.

TD Ameritrade CIO talks up encryption, storage, 04/12/06

Ameritrade completed its acquisition of TD Waterhouse in January to become TD Ameritrade Holding Corp. Just prior to the completion of that acquisition, Ameritrade finished rolling out technology that encrypts all data as it moves from servers to tape …

Storage Newsletter: What makes a small business ‘small’?, 04/11/06

A while back, Jonathan Swift wrote “A Modest Proposal,” an essay in which he suggested a somewhat unorthodox solution to the problem of famine in Ireland. No one …