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We’re all over Interop this week – and more

May 01, 20065 mins
Enterprise Applications

Here is this week's Editors' Choice; look for Readers' Choice later this week.


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From the front page

Cisco, Extreme, Enterasys and Foundry to launch security-oriented switches

Vendors at Interop this week will continue to blur the line between security and network infrastructure products, with Cisco, Extreme, Enterasys and Foundry expected to launch protection-oriented switches and routers.

Boeing deploys WLAN location tracking to speed up airplane production

It’s easy to lose track of something in the world’s biggest building – even a jumbo jet engine.

Higher ed fears wiretapping law

Institutions of higher education are up in arms over an FCC ruling on wiretapping they say could cost them billions of dollars in upgrades, expose their networks to more attacks, and jeopardize rights to privacy and freedom of speech.


Cisco hits on firewall/VPN, misses on ease of use

With its first iteration of the Adaptive Security Appliance a year ago this week, Cisco shipped its first new stand-alone enterprise firewall/VPN combination in nearly five years. Since then, Cisco has followed through on its integrated-appliance road map, providing an updated SSL VPN module and adding optional anti-virus and intrusion-prevention services to the ASA line. See the results of our Clear Choice Test.

Testing Cisco’s new SSL VPN technology

Cisco has put its most-advanced SSL VPN technology into its Adaptive Security Appliance 5540 with Version 7.1. In our test of a late beta of that software, we found that while it provides a solid and compact feature set for creating smaller SSL VPN extranets or adding SSL VPN network extension to improve compatibility for road warriors, its does not equal the capabilities of standalone SSL VPN products.

In depth

InteropLabs hits on NAC, VoIP and open source

At InteropLabs, the experimental part of Interop, engineers test hundreds of commercial and open source products, focusing on how the gear can work together peacefully on a corporate network.

Secure SIP protects VoIP traffic

Secure SIP is a security mechanism defined by SIP RFC 3261 for sending SIP messages over a Transport Layer Security-encrypted channel. Originally used for securing HTTP sessions, TLS can be repurposed to protect SIP session communications from eavesdropping or tampering. By deploying SIP-based devices that support Secure SIP, network administrators benefit from these increased levels of security for their VoIP networks.

WAN optimizers stretch budgets

One of the surest ways for companies with expensive data links to save money is to install WAN-acceleration devices. Users report the gear pays for itself in as little as a few months.

How to

Protecting wireless-enabled laptops

Mike Kershaw, author of Kismet, a popular open-source project for 802.11 wireless network detection, takes a look at some of the threats unique to laptops.

How to stop more spam

Ron Nutter helps a user who doesn’t want to drown in the stuff.

From the blogs

Mark Gibbs talks with Exploit Prevention Labs about its new PC exploit fighter. Paul McNamara looks at a start-up called Genius. Keith Shaw tells us about SlingPlayer Mobile – TV to go, basically. Adam Gaffin wishes he had a Cube of Potential Doom.


Storage shenanigans

USB storage devices come in all shapes and sizes, so how do you tell how much data they hold? Keith brings in a Cool Tools’ guest to play the “Guess the Storage Capacity” game. Looks can be deceiving.

More news

Vendors air WAN capacity management wares

A handful of vendors will use this week’s Interop show to launch gear designed to get more data through WAN pipes and Web server data center links faster.

Avaya to announce service for hosted VoIP

Avaya this week is expected to announce at Interop a hosted IP telephony service, with options for messaging and call center applications.

Interop: E-mail security vendors to make splash

A pair of veteran security vendors will use Interop as a stage for announcing new and upgraded products designed to keep corporate messaging systems protected from a variety of threats.

Wireless vendors target high-bandwidth gear

Wireless offerings set to debut at Interop are targeting corporate customers looking to add high-bandwidth gear to core networks.

Interop: BorderWare to unify security appliances

At Interop this week, security vendor BorderWare will detail plans for integrating its new Infinity platform into its existing firewall, Session Initiation Protocol and instant-messaging security appliances.

Net mgmt. vendors show off app intelligence at Interop

Management vendors are ready to step up at Interop to address customer demands for more proactive management of critical network services, and give network teams tools to better assess application performance.

Phishing leverages VoIP in new scam model

Small businesses and consumers aren’t the only ones enjoying the cost savings of switching to VoIP; according to messaging security company Cloudmark, phishers have begun using the technology to help them steal personal and financial information over the phone.

Even more!

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