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News from Interop, Microsoft Management Summit, JavaOne preview

May 03, 20066 mins

Latest Trade Show news


Symbol plans pan-wireless infrastructure, 05/03/06

Symbol plans to build a single system that lets enterprises combine many types of wireless networks.

Fight brewing over directories, Avaya says, 05/02/06

The directory is turning into a battleground as a wide range of IT vendors fight to handle multiple forms of communication, according to Avaya Chairman and CEO Donald Peterson.

Network access control isn’t cooked yet, 05/02/06

Scanning PCs before they are allowed network access is technology that will take another two years before it is mature, according to speakers at an Interop session Monday.

Interop Reporter’s Notebook: Blue Coat Systems goes to the dogs, 05/02/06

Blue Coat Systems goes to the dogs; Nortel shoots and scores; Network management: Hot or not?; CA gets Splunked 

Investors look to carrier, mobile, IP TV markets for start-ups, 05/02/06

IT executives should be familiar with what’s keeping investors from putting money into enterprise- and small-and-midsize-business-focused start-ups: it’s Cisco, investors say.

Cisco’s Chambers pushes collaboration, video, 05/02/06

Collaboration is the key to enterprises both moving quickly and dealing with the demands of globalization, Cisco President and CEO John Chambers told attendees Tuesday at the Interop trade show in Las Vegas.

LogLogic getting into open source, 05/01/06

LogLogic unveiled its first open source community initiative Monday designed to provide a further alternative to Microsoft’s Windows event-collection technology. The appliance-based log-management software vendor hopes Project Lasso will spur IT …

VoIP team ventures into new terrain, 05/01/06

Basic interoperability is generally a given in multivendor VoIP settings. What happens, however, when VoIP devices go to work in decidedly unfriendly environments, such as through security devices and across wireless LANs?

End-to-end NAC remains difficult, 05/01/06

Network access control is a phrase on everyone’s lips, but InteropLabs’ testing shows that completely interoperable, enterprise-class NAC products are not here yet – though they could be just around the corner.

Net mgmt. vendors show off app intelligence at Interop, 05/01/06

Management vendors are ready to step up at Interop (all the headlines from the show) to address customer demands for more proactive management of critical network services, and give network teams tools to better assess application performance.

InteropLabs hits on NAC, VoIP and open source, 05/01/06

At InteropLabs, the experimental part of Interop, engineers test hundreds of commercial and open source products, focusing on how the gear can work together peacefully on a corporate network.

Splunk touts partnership, module with CA, 05/01/06

Log file search and indexing specialist Splunk Inc. announced a partnership with CA Inc. Monday that will include an integration module between the start-up’s software and CA’s Unicenter systems management product.

Bigger Interop in store this week, 05/01/06

Interop Las Vegas 2006 kicks off bigger and broader this week, with promoters touting it as the biggest IT show in North America in the era following the dot-com bust.

Mix-and-match open source for corporate networks, 05/01/06

Some say open source software is not worth using. Some say it will save the world. Setting aside the religious hype, open source software raises a serious technical question: Is it appropriate for enterprise use?

E-mail security vendors to make splash, 05/01/06

A pair of veteran security vendors will use Interop as a stage for announcing new and upgraded products designed to keep corporate messaging systems protected from a variety of threats.

NAC will make a splash at Interop, 05/01/06

IT executives looking to control access to their networks should have two more options to consider after announcements this week at Interop Las Vegas.

BorderWare to unify security appliances, 05/01/06

At Interop this week, security vendor BorderWare will detail plans for integrating its new Infinity platform into its existing firewall, Session Initiation Protocol and instant-messaging security appliances.

Vendors look to ease compliance management, 05/01/06

Management vendors at Interop (all the headlines from the show) will be looking to help companies address compliance requirements with automated tools.


Enterprise Java update readied, 05/02/06

The enterprise version of the Java programming language is expected to get a boost this week, with approval of the Java Enterprise Edition 5 specification anticipated from the Java Community Process, according to a representative at Sun.


Microsoft customers buying half its managment picture, 05/01/06

SAN DIEGO — Corporate users are generally pleased with the direction and pace of development of Microsoft’s management software but are not yet ready to take on the vendor’s broad self-healing, model-based management initiative.


Symantec Vision 2006

May 8-11, San Francisco

Gartner Symposium ITxpo 2006

May 14-18, San Francisco

JavaOne 2006

May 15-19, San Francisco

Inbox – The E-mail Event

May 31 – June 1, San Jose

The IT Audit Directors & Managers Symposium

June 6-8, Boston

Microsoft Tech Ed 2006

June 11-16, Boston

Burton Group Catalyst 2006

June 14-15, San Francisco

Yankee Group’s Wireless Leadership Summit

June 27-28, New York

C3 Expo 2006

June 27-29, New York

Yankee Group’s Mobilizing the Enterprise

July 17-18, Boston

Intranet Week

July 24-26, Boston

Black Hat USA 2006

July 29 – Aug. 3, Las Vegas


Technology Tour: Applications & Content Security: Building the Defensible Network

May 16-25, various cities

What drove security up the stack to the boardroom? What changed the focus from perimeter firewalls to layered protection? How did it come to the perpetual scanning of all Web, SMTP, IM and FTP traffic?

Often it’s nothing more than a CEO’s stolen password. Or it can be as devastating as an entire network compromised to its core data. But no matter the trigger, security is now the No. 1 corporate priority. And expectations are as high as senior management’s anxiety.

Before your network takes a hit — take a day to attend Network World’s new Technology Tour event Applications & Content Security: Building the Defensible Network and discover how to build a fortress defense.

Technology Tour: The VoIP Payoff: Convergence and Collaboration

June 1-29, various cities

Whether you were among the first to implement VoIP, or are just now rolling it out, the answers you need are at The VoIP Payoff: Convergence and Collaboration. It’s the Network World LIVE Technology Tour event coming in June. And it’s the place to map the future.

Johna Till Johnson of Nemertes Research is your host. She’s been where you’re headed and will guide you to the next-generation of networks. Showing you current trends. Coming technologies. Best practices. And real-world solutions.

IT Roadmap

Chicago: June 27

It’s where you’ll hear IT strategies delivered direct to you from Network World editors six months ahead of outsiders even knowing about it. Where you can meet personally, one-on-one, with an IT all-star to discuss how coming technology will reshape your enterprise. Where you can accomplish a year’s worth of vendor analysis among more than two dozen solution providers all in one day.