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Give your mobile device a new look

May 04, 20062 mins
Network Security

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Give your mobile device a new look

Keith visits with, which sells vinyl stickers that give your mobile device a distinctive look.


Apple’s 17-inch MacBook 5x faster than PowerBook G4

Macheads, get your drool on. Apple last week unveiled its 17-inch MacBook Pro notebook, which includes a 2.16GHz Intel Core Duo processor and a new system architecture that Apple says will deliver as much as five times the performance of its PowerBook G4 notebook.

Plus: Kodak adds Bluetooth to digital cameras; Seagate launches 750GB external hard drive


Make Skype calls from your cell phone

SoonR today launched its free SoonR Talk application/service, which lets Skype users make calls from a mobile phone. SoonR Talk is available today and can be downloaded here.

Sharper Image to sell video eyewear

Kopin Corp. said today that The Sharper Image will start marketing Icuiti’s DV920 Video Eyewear device (powered by Kopin microdisplays).

Photograph your lunch, get feedback

Sprint is offering a new way to use your camera phone – its MyFoodPhone service will let users take photos of their breakfast, lunch or dinner (or all three!) and send the photos off to a nutritional advisor.

Samsung unveils Q1 Ultra Mobile PC

OK, all of you freaks who went ga-ga over the Microsoft Origami hype a few weeks ago – your chance to actually get your hands on one of them starts in about six days.

Watch your TV from anywhere

I know, I know, you’ve probably seen this headline before, but this time it might actually be true. Sling Media, which makes the awesome Slingbox device, today released its SlingPlayer Mobile software for owners of the device.

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