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Getting WebGUI to actually download; Problems sending e-mail to one particular company

May 08, 20062 mins
Enterprise Applications

* Dr. Internet columnist Steve Blass discusses a problem with automated WebGUI installation software * Help Desk columnist Ron Nutter addresses the problem of sending e-mail to a specific recipient

* Getting WebGUI to actually download

By Steve Blass

Q: I read about WebGUI in one of your earlier columns.. When I try to install it I run into errors at the point where the installer tries to download the system software from a Web mirror. I have tried all the available mirrors, and they all fail. What am I doing wrong?

A: There is a problem in the automated WebGUI installation software that is known to the developers, but that has not yet been fixed.

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* Problems sending e-mail to one particular company

By Ron Nutter

Q: Several days ago, my company started having problems sending e-mail to just one particular company. We are getting either NDR (Non Delivery notices) or a message indicating that the message has been delayed in delivery. I have been talking with the e-mail admin at the other company and they are getting all the messages we send. They aren’t seeing any of the errors that we are. So far it is just the one company but I am concerned that this could grow into problems with more companies. Any idea of how to figure out the cause of the problem?

A: Since the problem seems to be isolated to just one company, that makes the answer a little easier to find. I would start out by putting some type of protocol analyzer between your firewall and the router connecting you to the Internet. Setup a capture filter that watches the e-mail server at the other end and the DNS servers that the other company is using. You may need to expand this capture filter depending on what you find but this will get you started. Let the protocol analyzer run for several hours depending on the amount of e-mail traffic going between the two companies.

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