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Network access control: Ready? Or not?

May 08, 20061 min

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Network access control: Ready? Or not? 05/08/06

Network companies at Interop last week pushed a clear message about how network security should work: Hardware devices identify users at the network port level, provide virus scanning and authentication services, then allow or deny network access …

Interop abuzz with yap about NAC, 05/08/06

One thing NAC suppliers agree on is customers should get their feet wet today by using NAC to scan mobile and guest devices before they are allowed to attach. Those are primary attack vectors, and limited NAC deployments can provide big gains.

Network World Video: Interop: The skinny on NAC, 05/05/06

Senior Editor Denise Dubie talks with Steve Hultquist of Infinite Summit and the iLabs NAC lead about the current state of Network Access Control technologies.

Their take: Network pros at Interop share their thoughts on top issues, 05/04/06

More than 18,000 attendees were expected at Interop this week, the majority of them IT professionals looking to gain or give advice on their profession and find new technologies to work with. Three of them at the show shared with us what’s on …