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Second bug threatens Internet Explorer users

Apr 28, 20062 mins

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Second bug threatens Internet Explorer users, 04/27/06

For the second time in a week, hackers have discovered a previously unknown bug in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser that could be exploited to run unauthorized software on a Windows computer.

Oracle patch fails to fix attack, 04/27/06

Oracle’s latest security update may fix more than 30 flaws in its software, but it leaves Oracle databases vulnerable to a zero-day attack, according to a security researcher.

Researchers warn of ‘Spam Zombies from Outer Space’, 04/27/06

A new wave of spam could be on the way that tricks recipients by looking like it’s a message sent from their friends’ e-mail address.

Trojan freezes computer, requests ransom, 04/27/06

A new kind of malware circulating on the Internet freezes a computer and then asks for a ransom paid through the Western Union Holdings money transfer service.

Bugs put widely used DNS software at risk, 04/26/06

A number of flaws in the software that is used to administer the Internet’s DNS (domain name system) has been discovered by researchers at Finland’s University of Oulu.

Security Weblog: Biometrics at IBC, 04/27/06

Chris Loehr, network manager at International Bancshares, a $10.3 billion financial services company headquartered in Laredo, Texas, recently spoke with me about IBC’s plans to deploy biometrics for network security. Biometrics is without a doubt a …

Phishing leverages VoIP in new scam model, 04/26/06

Small businesses and consumers aren’t the only ones enjoying the cost savings of switching to VoIP; according to messaging security company Cloudmark, phishers have begun using the technology to help them steal personal and financial information over …

Q&A: GM security chief on vulnerability disclosures, 04/27/06

It’s not every day that the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at the world’s largest automaker gets to present a keynote talk at a hacker convention. So when General Motors CISO Eric Litt was asked to do precisely that at the European Black …

Trend Micro appliance will enforce policies, 04/27/06

Trend Micro on Monday will introduce new versions of its VirusWall family of security appliances, designed to help network administrators make sure that the computers on their networks are secure.

Attachmate buys NetIQ for $495 million, 04/27/06

AttachmateWRQ Thursday said it will acquire NetIQ for $495 million to create a stronger company offering enterprise software products.