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IBM offers patents to start-ups at bargain-basement prices

Dec 14, 20052 mins

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IBM offers patents to start-ups at bargain-basement prices, 12/13/05

In the spirit of making intellectual property more accessible to technology start-ups, IBM announced Tuesday a program that provides all of the computer giant’s 40,000 patents to young companies in its venture capital program for a dramatically …

Earthlink buys New Edge to target SMBs, 12/13/05

Earthlink is buying New Edge Networks to add to its share of VPN customers among small and medium-sized businesses.

IPass to acquire GoRemote, 12/12/05

In a bid to extend its services to branch office workers and enterprise teleworkers, iPass announced this week plans to acquire GoRemote Internet Communications.

Alltel spins off wireline business, 12/09/05

Alltel this week said it will spin off its wireline business and merge it with Valor Communications Group in a transaction valued at about $9.1 billion, based on Valor’s closing stock price as of Dec. 8.

Report: NTP offers RIM a deal at 5.7% of revenue, 12/09/05

NTP has offered Research in Motion (RIM) a new settlement deal that asks for 5.7% of RIM’s future revenue from U.S. BlackBerry sales, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday, citing an unnamed source.

Gartner to IT: Place BlackBerry deployments on hold, 12/07/05

Enterprises should halt business-critical deployments of BlackBerry devices and investments until its maker, Research In Motion, clarifies its legal position with regards to its patent tussle with NTP, Gartner is advising.

Ballmer: More software will come from Asia, 12/07/05

More software will be developed in Asia in the coming years, with China and India far outpacing the number of computer science graduates the U.S. produces each year, Microsoft’s CEO said Wednesday.