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Dangerous assumptions

Nov 22, 20052 mins
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* Things to beware of when using online job sites

The Internet is a great resource for uncovering job leads, though it can also be a dangerous one. Identity thieves and other scammers prey on job seekers. wants you to be aware of the following common false assumptions about online job sites:

* Every job site can be trusted with your  resume.

* A Web site that has posted a Privacy Policy is one you can trust.

* Your current employer won’t find your resume online, or if they do, won’t be upset.

* It’s OK to put your social security number, date of birth and references on your resume.

* It’s OK for a Web site to require or request your social security number with your resume.

* Every job posting represents a genuine job opportunity.

* If you submit a resume on an employer’s Web site, only that company will see it.

* Every job site is able to ensure that only a legitimate employer posts job opportunities and can search through the resume database.

* A Web site that offers employers free access to their resumes is doing you a favor.

* Legitimate employers will e-mail you for pre-employment information to qualify you for a job.

* If you send an e-mail message to someone, they always receive it or you receive notification if they don’t. And if someone sends an e-mail to you, you always receive it.

* You can believe that the address in the “from” field of an e-mail is the person or organization that sent it.

One way to protect your personal privacy in the job search is to use an identity-suppressed resume. For many more valuable tips, click here.