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Microsoft opening up document format

Nov 28, 20052 mins
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Microsoft opening up document format, 11/28/05

Microsoft last week weighed in on the debate over open-document file formats, saying it would seek standardization of the XML formats it is developing for the forthcoming Office 12, as well as provide tools to convert existing Office documents to the new technology.

Applications: Clients virtualize beyond recognition, 11/28/05

Vendors are avidly exploring ways to virtualize client environments. Take Microsoft Windows Vista, for example.

VoIP scheme gets big backers, 11/28/05

Cisco, Microsoft will support and implement Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE) technology, which is a proposed IETF standard for allowing VoIP calls to traverse firewalls without compromising security.

The Network MVP of the year is . . ., 11/28/05

Kim Cameron and his Seven Laws of Identity have done more to stimulate talk about Identity Services than even the federal government and its Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and other …

Microsoft: Community computing is on the way, 11/22/05

Forget personal computing. A new world of “community computing” is knocking on the front door, offering unparalleled communication opportunities and challenges alike. That’s how Jonathan Murray, Microsoft’s CTO for the Europe, Middle East and Africa …

Microsoft worker gets four years for software theft, 11/22/05

A former Microsoft employee Friday was sentenced to four years in prison for illegally selling the company’s software, netting him $2.3 million, court documents show.

Microsoft to open Office document format, 11/21/05

Microsoft Monday said it will offer its Word, Excel and PowerPoint document formats as open standards, a move that could spark a war with technology rivals over standard document formats.

Plowing through licensing, 11/21/05

Microsoft has added a tool, called the Microsoft Product Licensing Advisor , to its volume-licensing program that helps users sort through their options for acquiring Microsoft software. The tool helps users select products and find the best pricing …

Hackers publish code for critical IE bug, 11/21/05

Security experts are warning Internet users to be careful where they click, thanks to a nasty unpatched bug in the way Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser handles the JavaScript computer language. The bug is of particular concern because security …

Microsoft updates handheld software to fix glitches, 11/21/05

Microsoft Friday released an upgrade to the synchronization component of its Windows Mobile 5.0 software.