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Creating PDF files on Windows; Linking networks wirelessly

Dec 05, 20052 mins
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* Dr. Internet columnist Steve Blass offers advice on creating PDF files on Windows systems * Help Desk columnist Ron Nutter offers advice on how to link networks wirelessly

* Creating PDF files on Windows

By Steve Blass

Q: A few years ago you wrote about GhostScript-based PDF creation tools. We haven’t been successful with this and wonder whether there’s an update or another open source option for creating PDF files on Windows systems.

A: Open Office is an open source suite based on Sun’s Star Office. It uses the OpenDocument formats approved by the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards.

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* Linking networks wirelessly

By Ron Nutter

Q: Can you tell me whether it’s possible to have two wireless routers communicate with each other via their wireless protocol? I’m hoping to add an Ethernet access point at a remote location in my house without having to run a copper cable. I have a functioning LAN with a wireless router and would like to hang some hardwired Ethernet computers off a second wireless router. Can I configure this second router to communicate with the primary router wirelessly?

A: What you’re talking about is extending the network you have to another area via a wireless “bridge.” Some access points have this functionality, but not all. When in bridge mode, the access point will only talk to other access points configured in a similar manner unless the vendor that made it has also made provisions so it can talk to clients as well. You will also need to look at how the building has been put together in terms of how much metal is in the walls; this serves to lessen the signal strength between the two bridging access points.

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