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Microsoft upgrades hosted e-mail service suite

Dec 05, 20053 mins
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Microsoft upgrades hosted e-mail service suite, 12/05/05

Microsoft last week released an upgrade to its hosted messaging and collaboration suite that includes Exchange Server technology for pushing company e-mail seamlessly to Windows Mobile devices.

Microsoft partner offers offline SharePoint access, 12/05/05

A Microsoft software partner has launched the beta of a new product that will allow users of Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server sites to collaborate and share documents and information even when working offline.

The networked living room, 12/05/05

Battles rage for the hearts and minds (and money) of home network users.

When IT, politics collide, 12/05/05

When technology collides with Massachusetts politics, the result is not pretty.

Security firms warn of new Microsoft threats, 12/02/05

Two security firms Friday issued new warnings about two separate threats affecting Microsoft products.

IE bug lets hackers phish with Google Desktop, 12/02/05

A bug in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) browser gives phishers a way to scan the hard drives of Google Desktop users, according to an Israeli hacker. Because of a flaw in the way IE processes Web pages, a malicious Web site could use the attack to …

Microsoft Research tool ‘snarfs’ up unwanted e-mail, 12/01/05

Microsoft’s research arm Thursday released a free tool to help users slog through e-mail messages in their inbox in the order of importance, according to one of the researchers who developed the software.

Microsoft’s Vista appears to be off schedule, 11/30/05

Despite claims by Microsoft during a Tuesday conference call that Windows Vista is on schedule, a presentation given to partners just last month shows otherwise.

Korea FTC’s Microsoft ruling due next week, 11/30/05

The Korea Fair Trade Commission Wednesday said it is likely to deliver a ruling in an anti-trust case against Microsoft next week.

Microsoft to test classified advertisement service, 11/30/05

Microsoft plans to test publicly an online classified service before the end of the year, a company representative said Wednesday.

Microsoft invites consumers to test security service, 11/30/05

Microsoft late Tuesday announced it has invited consumers to test the latest beta version of its Windows OneCare Live security service.

Attackers targeting unpatched IE bug, Microsoft warns, 11/30/05

Microsoft is warning Internet Explorer users to be careful where they browse because attackers are now targeting a critical unpatched bug in the software. If successful, these attackers could possibly use this bug to seize control of a user’s system, …

Second sample of Windows attack code posted, 11/29/05

For the second time this week, hackers have posted a sample of code that could be used to attack a Windows machine that has not been updated with the most recent Microsoft security patches. On Tuesday the French Security Incident Response Team (FrSIRT …

VC: Don’t pursue acquisition by Microsoft, 11/29/05

Software start-ups at an industry event Tuesday received a clear message from the venture capital community and Microsoft: Do not automatically look to Microsoft as a rainmaker.

Microsoft to test feature-complete Vista by early 2006, 11/29/05

Microsoft is accelerating the development of the next version of its Windows client operating system and plans to test a feature-complete version by early next year, a lead on the Windows Vista development team said Tuesday.

Microsoft tweaks security partner program, 11/29/05

Microsoft has made changes to its security technology programs for resellers, based on feedback from channel partners.