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The winter of our discontent

Dec 20, 20052 mins
Data Center

* What's behind the growing discontentment of U.S. IT workers

A new report from ISR points to the growing discontentment of U.S. IT workers due to concerns over job security, perceived unreasonable workloads and job stress.

ISR, an employee research and consulting firm, compared opinions on job stress and job security between a representative sampling of the U.S. workforce and a sampling of IT workers. While 51% of all U.S. workers suffer from job stress, that number rises to 61% among IT workers. And though only 39% of the overall workforce say their workloads are too excessive, 53% of the IT workforce feels that way.

Job stability is also a concern. A full 57% of IT workers fear being laid off within the next year, compared to 47% of the U.S.  workforce. And 25% of IT workers would seriously consider leaving their jobs within the next year.

“These responses reflect the growing perception that companies view the IT function primarily as a cost-center instead of a source of innovation that delivers a competitive advantage,” says Gary Berger, executive director of ISR. “As the trend of outsourcing continues to gain momentum and the tough economic conditions of recent years continue to fade, it has created a perfect storm that could lead to higher turnover among IT workers as the U.S. economy continues to gain strength.”

To keep your IT staff engaged, ISR recommends the following tips:

* Clearly communicate how IT contributes to the bottom line.

* Show a clear career path, and offer training and development.

* Promote a strong workplace management culture.

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