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NetFlash: The most powerful vendors, people and technology in networking

Jan 03, 20062 mins

* The Power Issue * Nortel acquires Tasman Networks * Cities battle carriers over Wi-Fi * Cisco vs. OpenView and Tivoli? * Today on Layer 8

At Network World we like to start the year off right by speaking truth to power – or at least speaking truth about power. The annual Power Issue always profiles the movers and shakers – the people, companies and technologies that will shape the coming year.

The Power Issue

Nortel acquires Tasman Networks

Nortel didn’t sit still last week, finishing up business before the end of 2005 with the $99.5 million acquisition of specialty router maker Tasman Networks.

Cities battle carriers over Wi-Fi

Has broadband Internet access become as necessary to individuals as water and electricity? The answer to that question has been at the heart of a long and often-rancorous dispute between municipal governments and telecom service providers. Tempers are now cooling, as the two sides recently coalesced around a common municipal broadband service model.

Cisco vs. OpenView and Tivoli?

Cisco one day would like to be known as much for IT infrastructure management as it is for routers and switches – at least that’s the general industry belief, even if the company hasn’t said so outright.

Today on Layer 8, where we welcome the New Year:

We wrap up the final caption contest of 2005 and kick off a new contest for the first week of 2006; a look at the top 25 Webcams of 2005; and a new free voice messaging service. Get 2006 started right at: