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This week: Looking ahead in networking and more

Jan 02, 20063 mins
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1) Hospitals’ patch fears on the wane 2) Online retailers ready for holiday crush 3) Take our advice: Top tips for network execs 4) Network World ITVideo: Bit9 in The Hot Seat 5) Nutter’s Help Desk: Connecting a remote office 6) Citigroup controls network resources 7) VoIP scheme gets big backers 8) Lucent gaining momentum behind IMS 9) Start-ups seek to shake up multiprocessor server market 10) Cyberattacks shift to apps, net devices 11) Security still top IT spending priority 12) IT Borderlands: Doing things right online 13) Quest extends Windows-Linux integration 14) Microsoft opening up document format 15) But wait, there’s more!

1) Editor’s notes for the new year

2) Power Companies

3) The Power of Technology

4) Power People

5) Power Struggles

6) Nutter’s Help Desk: Wireless instead of cables in a classroom

7) Assessing Skype’s network impact

1) Editor’s notes for the new year

The Romans had it right when they named January – for Janus, the two-headed God of doors (yep), forever looking forward and back. The New Year is often a time of reflection on the year past – and speculation on the year ahead. In our annual Power section, we take a look at the people and technologies that shaped – and will shape networking. Also: A reminder that next week, this newsletter goes twice weekly – this editor’s choice newsletter on Mondays will be joined by a reader’s choice newsletter on Fridays. As always, we welcome your comments on the newsletter and all of

            — Adam Gaffin, executive editor,

2) Power Companies

Connecting you to the network industry’s most powerful vendors: The Power 15; Users pick the most powerful vendors; Power winners – and losers.

DocFinder: 1479

3) The Power of Technology

Early adopters share how three emerging technologies have empowered their enterprises: Application virtualization saves money; Reputation services fight spam; Continuous data protection eases backups.

DocFinder: 1480

3) Power People

Profiling the most powerful people in networking: The 50 most powerful people in networking; our power players name their heroes. Plus: Meet five of the most powerful people in-depth: Kim Cameron, Microsoft’s identity god; Diane Greene, VMware’s humble executive; Craig Hinkley, Bank of America’s great find; Matthew Szulik, Red Hat’s open source windfall; Jayshree Ullal, Cisco’s entrepreneur.

DocFinder: 1481

4) Power Struggles

We examine four struggles shaping the network world: Carriers struggle over IP; Cisco vs. Juniper over app-aware networks; Cisco vs. OpenView and Tivoli?; Cities battle carriers over Wi-Fi.

DocFinder: 1482

5) Power Timeline

See the year that was in networking.

DocFinder: 1483

6) Nutter’s Help Desk: Wireless instead of cables in a classroom

Ron Nutter helps a user who wants to build networked classrooms and who wonders if wireless might be a way to save money.

DocFinder: 1484

7) Assessing Skype’s network impact

Last month, reviewer Ed Mier tested Skype’s security features to see how the VoIP app might play in the enterprise. Join a forum with Mier to discuss the ramifications of the tests and possible ways to lock Skype down even more.

DocFinder: 1485