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CES – VoIP gear highlighted at CES, 01/11/06

Phone calls over the Internet, made using VoIP technology, was popular at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year, with a number of companies showing off handsets and other peripherals to make it easier for the average user …

Opinion: Retail products on demand will drive extra IPTV revenue, 01/10/06

We’ve all heard about Video on Demand for years, and services revenue attributable to VoD are a core part of all service providers’ business cases. But new technology from Scientific-Atlanta is allowing service providers to step beyond just the …

CES – Accton may beat Netgear with first Wi-Fi VoIP phone, 01/10/06

Taiwan’s Accton Technology plans to launch two wireless handsets by the middle of February that allow users to place calls over the Internet at little or no cost using Wi-Fi, potentially beating U.S. rival Netgear to market with the first Wi-Fi phones …

Windows Media Center to go mainstream in Vista, 01/10/06

Windows XP Media Center Edition operating system may not yet be the standard home entertainment hub that Microsoft hopes it will be, but analysts said that could all change once the company releases the next consumer client version of the Windows …

CES – Eleksen offers wireless fabric keyboard, 01/09/06

Tired of pressing tiny buttons on your handheld to send a long text message or edit a document? Then check out Eleksen’s new ElekTex Smart Fabric wireless keyboard.

Wireless advances shine at Consumer Electronics Show, 01/09/06

‘It was very overwhelming.’ That was how Andrew Hintz, Internet technology director for the California Democratic Party, summed up Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates’ razzle-dazzle digital lifestyle presentation at last week’s sprawling, hyperkinetic …

CES show offers cool tools for 2006, 01/09/06

Last week’s annual Consumer Electronics Show produced a slew of new products and technologies that will cause any gadget fan to reach for their wallet in the coming year.

CES – Microsoft tuning Windows Live for digital media, 01/06/06

A broader plan for Microsoft’s Windows Live services portal is slowly emerging, as a Microsoft spokesman Thursday detailed the link between Microsoft’s Internet-based services and its Windows Media Center Edition OS, intended to give users more access …

CES – Motorola joins Google for search, Kodak for pictures, 01/06/06

Google and Motorola have joined forces to make it easier for users to search for information from their mobile phones, the companies said Thursday at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

CES – Lenovo says new ThinkPads go 11 hours on battery, 01/06/06

Lenovo Group Thursday announced two new ThinkPad notebook computer series, the T60 series and the X60 series, which the company says can run for up to 11 hours without a charge when running on a second battery.

CES – Intel adds DirectTV, AOL, and NBC to Viiv strategy, 01/06/06

As expected, Intel Thursday unveiled the two newest planks of its strategy for consumer PCs at the 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show. But the company also announced partnerships with content providers such as The DirectTV, AOL and General …

CES – Schwartz: Sun to break out software revenue, 01/06/06

Sun plans to begin breaking out the financial results of its software business separately on its financial statements, the company’s No. 2 executive said Thursday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

CES – New WLAN chips take on video, voice, 01/05/06

Chip makers are showcasing their next generation wireless LAN chips at the Consumer Electronics Show this week, with many of the silicon advances focused on dealing with multimedia.

CES – Palm’s Windows-based Treo to be available Thursday, 01/05/06

The first Windows-based version of Palm’s popular Treo will be available to subscribers of U.S. wireless operator Verizon Communications on Thursday, Palm announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

CES – Netgear, Skype developing Wi-Fi phone, 01/05/06

Skype users will be able to make calls from anywhere they can get a Wi-Fi Internet connection when Netgear and the Internet voice service provider begin selling a phone that Netgear will demonstrate at the International Consumer Electronics Show …s

CES – HP to launch EV-DO notebook with Verizon, 01/05/06

HP plans to unveil a business notebook Thursday with an embedded chip that allows users to connect to Verizon Wireless’ EV-DO (evolution – data only) network in the U.S., part of a new trend toward built-in WAN capabilities in PCs.

CES – Gates shares his vision of the digital lifestyle, 01/05/06

Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates shared his company’s future vision for seamlessly connecting users to personalized digital content through next-generation software, services and devices during his keynote at Consumer …

CES – Philips joins partners for VoIP, HDTV, 01/04/06

Philips Electronics will expand its support for VOIP technology in new partnerships with eBay’s Skype division and Microsoft, and unveil new televisions designed to ease the strain of watching an exciting movie on a sexy $4,000 television, executives …

CES displays future of audio, video, wireless, 01/04/06

You can see the future at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. You just have to look carefully and ignore the distractions, not to mention the technotrash, which range from a lineup of NFL quarterbacks to armchair recliners wired into …

CES – New HP products aim for multimedia mesh, 01/04/06

HP released a host of new TV, laptop PC and digital camera models Wednesday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, underscoring the company’s work to ease the sharing of videos, music and photographs between devices and the Internet.

CES – HP unveils new AMD Turion-based multimedia notebooks, 01/04/06

HP plans to announce Wednesday new consumer notebooks that further its support for Advanced Micro Devices’ Turion mobile processors at the 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show, according to the company.

VoIP vendors team up at the Consumer Electronics Show, 01/04/06

Consumer electronics makers and VoIP providers are teaming up at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show, eyeing a growing opportunity to capture the voice business in homes and small businesses.

No shortage of ways to store, play media at home, 01/04/06

Amid the dazzling array of new audio and video products being introduced at the International Consumer Electronics Show this week, networking vendors are rolling out more advanced gear for distributing entertainment content around a home via Wi-Fi.

CES – Sony names first Blu-ray Disc movie titles, 01/04/06

Sony’s home entertainment unit has named the first 20 movies it intends to launch on Blu-ray Disc, the high-definition video disc format backed by Sony and several other major consumer electronics manufacturers.

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Macworld: Jobs introduces Intel notebook, iMac, 01/10/06

Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced a new notebook and an iMac computer that use Intel’s latest processor on Tuesday, six months ahead of the schedule outlined by Apple last year.

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