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Test: Feeding the need for speed

Jan 16, 20063 mins
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Test: Feeding the need for speed, 01/16/06

Web front-end accelerators use a grab bag of techniques to speed delivery of content, including application-layer switching, HTTP compression and TCP multiplexing.

Test: Citrix NetScaler test summary, 01/16/06

Summary of test of Citrix Systems’ NetScaler Application Delivery System.

Test: One size doesn’t fit all, 01/16/06

Testers explain that, because of circumstances, varying ingredients were compared.

Test: The compression conundrum: How to measure what’s really happening, 01/16/06

The compression conundrum: How to measure what’s really happening

Test: Array Networks’ TMX5000 summary, 01/16/06

Array Networks’ TMX5000 continues to offer value as a Web front-end device.

Test: Crescendo Networks’ CN-5080E summary, 01/16/06

Summary of test of CN-5080E from Crescendo Networks.

Test: Vendors choose to tout disparate application-acceleration techniques, 01/16/06

In the emerging market for application-acceleration devices, there’s inevitably going to be confusion about what constitutes a base feature set.

Test: Foundry Networks’ ServerIron 450 summary, 01/16/06

Summary of test results for Foundry Networks’ ServerIron 450.

Test: Your mileage will vary, 01/16/06

Factors listed in Clear Choice Test showing that individual cases differ.

Test: F5 Networks’ BIG-IP summary, 01/16/06

F5’s market-leading BIG-IP turned in a solid performance, reducing response time under load and supporting large numbers of concurrent users

Test: The squeeze play is all part of the game, 01/16/06

Clear Choice Test includes contentious issues surrounding compression.

Test: Speed traps, 01/16/06

The Clear Choice Test of scalability aims to find the proper size one of a Web front-end product for a network’s needs.

Test: How we tested Web front ends, 01/16/06

How we tested Web front-end acceleration devices.

Test: Juniper Networks’ DX 3600 summary, 01/16/06

Summary of test results for Juniper Networks’ DX 3600.

Campus creates a collaborative IT culture, 01/16/06

Peter Murray, CIO for the University of Maryland, Baltimore, tells how he improved collaboration over four years while facing a daunting set of enterprisewide IT projects.

IBM leads, Sony out of 2005 U.S. patent ranking, 01/13/06

IBM filed more patent applications than any other company with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in 2005 to once again lead the annual ranking put out by the U.S. Department of Commerce office.

Microsoft opens advertising technology lab in Beijing, 01/13/06

Microsoft Friday announced the establishment of an R&D lab in Beijing for Internet advertising-related technologies.

Better management through best practices, 01/13/06

The good news about adopting best practices is that corporations aren’t limited to one method. The bad news is that companies will most likely need to adopt more than one best-practice framework — or at least parts of many — if they want a complete, …

Newsletter: Books to expand your knowledge, 01/11/06

It’s cold outside, so what better time to snuggle up with a good book? And since you’re all dedicated IT professionals the only publications you’ll want on your …

Newsletter: SLA deployment declines, survey finds, 01/11/06

For each of the past three years, EMA has surveyed enterprises to understand changes in service-level management adoption. Our approach again this past year was …