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The carriers’ plan to block the power of the Internet

Jan 16, 20063 mins
Enterprise Applications

Scott Bradner: The carriers’ plan to block the power of the Internet, 01/16/06

The Internet succeeded because no one in the traditional telecom industry believed in its underlying technology or its design philosophy. They still do not, but are being backed into a corner, and in response are trying to change the Internet into …

Editorial: Soft tokens at the new Interop show, 01/16/06

A core rap against two-factor authentication based on hardware tokens is the cost of deployment and management, which puts it out of range of any company looking to use the technology to secure communications with consumers. Diversinet’s MobiSecure …

‘Net Buzz: Did you hear who’s been in Redmond? 01/16/06

No matter what they may be mumbling around water coolers in Redmond, there is no more chance of Bill Clinton becoming CEO of Microsoft than there is of me catching Jessica on the rebound. Never say never? Nonsense! Never, never, never.

Daniel Briere: Moore’s Law, Metcalfe’s Law; now McGuire’s, 01/16/06

We’re now in the Age of Mobility, governed by the Law of Mobility. Thanks to cost reductions of Moore’s Law, scalability resulting from Metcalfe’s Law, convergence and miniaturization of devices and increasing ubiquity of 3G wireless networks, the …

User View: Visit the IT SPA in 2006, 01/16/06

Just as a trip to a real spa is meant to invigorate the body, mind and spirit, a dive into the IT SPA can invigorate your career and provide bigger challenges, bigger rewards and hopefully bigger paychecks. Take time to visit it in 2006.

Backspin: Mistakes and annoyances, 01/16/06

But the idea of being able to sue someone for being annoying online is interesting. Whom would we go after? First, there are the owners of badly designed commercial Web sites – they’re annoying. Consider Cingular: If you (like me) were an AT&T …

Johna Till Johnson: A final look back at ’05 prognostications, 01/16/06

Every now and then, even we industry pundits call it right – or so it seems. Comparing my 2005 predictions with the actual outcome, here’s how the predictions fared.

Gearhead: DSL techs and favorite tools, 01/16/06

So now we wait for a visit from another engineer who specializes in wiring and who will, so we understand, check the cabling from the demarc to the pole and then to whence it comes – presumably all the way back to the DSL access module. What we wonder …

Nutter’s Help Desk: Curing a virus-laden PC, 01/16/06

I don’t know how it happened. My computer seems to be hacked, infected, slow and the new graphics card does not do its job. I am at my wits end. My computer was infected with several viruses some months ago and one hacker. Working with my dad, we …