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Wireless LAN vendors target small offices, security

Jan 17, 20064 mins
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Wireless LAN vendors target small offices, security, 01/16/06

Aruba Wireless Networks this week plans to announce wireless LAN products that address the needs of small companies and branch offices. Separately, Meru Networks says its latest offering zeroes in on wireless security.

Opinion: Moore’s Law, Metcalfe’s Law; now McGuire’s, 01/16/06

We’re now in the Age of Mobility, governed by the Law of Mobility. Thanks to cost reductions of Moore’s Law, scalability resulting from Metcalfe’s Law, convergence and miniaturization of devices and increasing ubiquity of 3G wireless networks, the …

Cool Tools: Play MP3s on your stereo speakers, 01/16/06

Review of Wireless Music System for PC, for about $150, from Logitech.

Opinion: A final look back at ’05 prognostications, 01/16/06

Every now and then, even we industry pundits call it right – or so it seems. Comparing my 2005 predictions with the actual outcome, here’s how the predictions fared.

E-commerce goes contactless, 01/16/06

Banks, credit card companies and retailers jointly embrace wireless.

E-comm goes contactless, 01/13/06

Season ticket holders can now use a cell phone to purchase items at concession stands in Philips Arena, home of the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers and the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks. With the right gear in place, all a patron has to do is wave a phone at a …

South Korea joins Galileo satellite navigation system, 01/13/06

South Korea is the latest non-European country to join the European Union’s Galileo satellite navigation program.

Weblog: Homemade RFID tag zapper, 01/13/06

As if there wasn’t enough for network professionals to worry about. Ex-Forrester Research analyst John Robb describes a project that modifies a single-use film camera, to create a short range microwave pulse that can fry nearby RFID tags. Robb says …

MIT to host spam, next-generation computing events, 01/12/06

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology over the next few months plans to show off its research on next-generation networks as well as foster discussion on how to squelch spam.

Cellular revenue hit record high in 2005 says iSuppli, 01/12/06

Mobile phone industry revenue reached an all time high $115.1 billion last year as more people around the world either upgraded to better mobile phones or became subscribers, according to market researcher iSuppli.

Industry group agrees on high-speed Wi-Fi proposal, 01/12/06

An industry group seeking common ground on the emerging IEEE 802.11n high-speed wireless LAN specification has agreed on a compromise proposal that may form the basis of a final standard.

Weblog: New military radios jamming garage doors, 01/12/06

Manufacturers of radio-operated garage doors are getting swamped with complaints about malfunctions, which are due to spread of a new two-way portable radio system at military posts across the U.S. The new military radios occupy the same spectrum — …

Makers of the world’s top tech gadgets post record 2005, 01/11/06

A group of Taiwanese companies responsible for producing some of the world’s top technology products, from Microsoft’s Xbox 360 game consoles to Apple’s iPod music players and 3G mobile phones, closed out a banner 2005 with record high sales for the year.

Samsung to provide handsets for mobile TV in China, 01/11/06

South Korean electronics maker Samsung Electronics will provide 500,000 cellular handsets to two mobile TV operators in China, the company said in a statement.

Connexion to adjust in-flight Internet service prices, 01/11/06

The Boeing Co. Wednesday said it will adjust the prices it charges for Internet access from the air via its Connexion by Boeing service later this month. The company will also make available four channels of live television to equipped aircraft during …

Newsletter: Bank eyes lower support costs with mobile IP VPN, 01/11/06

Securing and supporting mobile workers is a formidable challenge.

Weblog: Nokia’s Internet tablet a hit?, 01/11/06

Nokia introduced its 802.11-based 770 Internet Tablet last May, and products began shipping last Fall. It looks like a hit.. Nokia can’t keep up with demand, even though the 770 doesn’t have any cell phone capability, according to this news story

Weblog: Busy signal on the Netgear “Skype phone”, 01/11/06

The Netgear Skype phone, unveiled last week at the Consumer Electronics Show, is generating a lot of enthusiasm among users of Skype’s VoIP service. And some frustration: Netgear isn’t saying much about the phone. The company isn’t saying much either …