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Logitech Wireless Music System

Jan 16, 20062 mins
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LATEST COOL TOOLS VIDEO: Logitech Wireless Music System

Free yourself from the computer and listen to your PC-based music on just about any stereo in the house without the need for a network with the Logitech Wireless Music System.

LATEST COOL TOOLS COLUMN: Play MP3s on your stereo speakers

The Logitech Wireless Music System is a USB transmitter and Bluetooth receiver that lets you listen to music stored on a PC and stream it to any stereo system within a 330-foot radius of the transmitter. The system includes a remote control that lets you change songs or change the volume without having to run back to the original PC. A docking station for the USB transmitter lets you connect to a desktop PC, or you can detach that and use the transmitter with a notebook PC.

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