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Getting NetMeeting streaming video to work

Aug 09, 20042 mins
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We’re trying to implement streaming audio and video with NetMeeting on Windows XP Professional. We’re using a USB camera that works well with the software it came with, but with NetMeeting the video being sent shows only a black screen. Turning off the desktop firewalls didn’t help. Any ideas?

Setting XP QoS RSVP to manual in the Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Services applet might fix it so the sound and video will work, depending on how you have configured the rest of your XP network settings.

Also try lowering the screen resolution on the receiving computer(s) to 800 by 600 pixels to better accommodate the video being received. In order to receive incoming NetMeeting calls, the desktop firewall must allow traffic on TCP ports 1503 and 1720.

Disabling the firewall is one way to open the ports during a meeting.

A good resource for troubleshooting NetMeeting on XP is available here, where you can find information and pointers on using NetMeeting with newer cameras that use Windows Digital Media driver software rather than Video For Windows drivers. Some camera vendors also provide downloadable drivers to help solve the problem.

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