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Microsoft’s NAP partners eye first steps

Aug 23, 20043 mins
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Microsoft’s NAP partners eye first steps, 08/23/04

While there is much ballyhoo about the Microsoft initiative to protect networks from infected machines, customers looking to take advantage of the company’s Network Access Protection architecture will …

Cisco, Microsoft merge IP telephony with CRM, 08/23/04

Cisco starting Monday is set to offer a tool to help small and midsized businesses use Microsoft CRM software in combination with a Cisco IP communication system.

XP SP2 deployment is smooth – so far, 08/23/04

As Microsoft smooths out the ripples after last week’s big splash with Windows XP Service Pack 2, users say they found fewer problems than they expected, but some complain that late code changes and …

New Microsoft server tightens integration, 08/23/04

Microsoft next month is set to ship the latest version of its integration server that helps users build a bridge between Windows-based distributed applications and IBM mainframe transactions.

New Download.Ject worm variant appears, 08/20/04

Users who have not yet installed the three out-of-cycle patches contained in Microsoft Corp.’s July 30 security bulletin MS04-25 now have another reason to do so immediately.

New worm uses IM to lure victims, 08/19/04

A new version of the worm that spread from infected Microsoft Internet Information Services Web servers in June has been identified and is using instant messages and infected Web sites in Russia, Uruguay and …

U.K. government to extend 3-year contract with Microsoft, 08/19/04

In a deal that appears to buck the growing trend among governments to adopt open-source alternatives, the U.K.’s Office of Government Commerce (OGC) is negotiating a renewal of a three-year …

Microsoft fixes XP SP2 patching flaw, 08/19/04

Microsoft Thursday released a fix for the Windows XP Service Pack 2 installation package it provided to corporate users of its free patch deployment server to correct a flaw that would not allow IT to …

Opinion: Microsoft: Cripple IE to protect your PC, 08/18/04

Microsoft is doing something unprecedented: It wants you to break one of Internet Explorer’s key features. Why? Because only by limiting the browser’s functionality can you be sure of stopping a …

Newsletter: Most readers say Microsoft should halt development for a while, 08/18/04

There was an overwhelming outpouring of response to last week’s “Do we really need that much new software from Microsoft?” newsletter (see link …

Researchers find holes in XP SP2, 08/18/04

Security researchers inspecting an update to Microsoft’s Windows XP found two software flaws that could allow virus writers and malicious hackers to sidestep new security features in the operating system.

Spruced up 64-bit Windows beta ready, 08/18/04

Microsoft on Wednesday made available the latest builds of its 64-bit version of Windows XP Professional and Windows Server 2003 Enterprise, that each features a handful of new improvements including the …

Microsoft set to ship refreshed integration server, 08/17/04

Microsoft Tuesday completed development on the newest version of its server to connects Windows environments and mainframes and will ship the software next month.