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Inside NetVision

Sep 29, 20042 mins
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* The NetVision Security Administration Framework

NetVision is one of the older independent software vendors in the identity management market. Since 1996, it has provided tools for connecting different platforms for identity purposes. Its Synchronicity product line (now called NVIdentity) was the first service to leverage the power of Novell’s Directory Service (now called eDirectory) and use it to manage users and their identities on platforms as diverse as Windows NT and Lotus Notes.

The NetVision Security Administration Framework (NSAF) is built on the almost 10 years experience the company has had as it continued to use the directory and its identity tools to provided unified management to diverse networking platforms. There are three major components to the framework:

NVIdentity, which provides:

* User account provisioning/de-provisioning.

* Password synchronization.

* Password strengthening.

* Password self-service.

* Directory integration/migration.

* Proactive policy enforcement.

NVMonitor, which handles:

* Change detection, alerting and reporting.

* Response automation and remediation.

* Intrusion protection (host-based).

* Behavior management.

* Applications management.

* Directory/server health monitoring.

NVAssess, which actively manages the network through:

* Vulnerability scanning/reporting.

* Server configuration management.

* Policy/standards-based assessment.

* Disk space analysis and remediation.

* Account/rights management.

* Directory structure analysis.

* Automated problem resolution

All three sit on top of the NVPolicy Resource Center, which includes:

* Policy creation and management.

* Security awareness, compliance and training.

* Vulnerability alerting and tracking.

The package is aimed directly at small and midsize businesses but can also scale to encompass larger organizations. You can view an online demo, or download an evaluation version, of the Security Administration Framework at the NetVision Web site (

Also spend a little time exploring the rest of the site. Try out the NVIdentity ROI calculator, download the free Self-Service Password Management tool and even check out some of the interesting and informative white papers (such as “Policy, Awareness, and Vulnerability Management For Sustainable, Risk Reduction & Regulatory Compliance” – it really is more interesting than the title indicates) available. NetVision has been involved in identity management longer than most companies vying for your business. It’s worth taking a look at.