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WNP equals savings

Nov 24, 20032 mins
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* WNP equals savings * Microsoft de-emphasizes .Net * Skype takes a swipe at phone companies * No business in IM

WNP equals savings

For major metropolitan areas, today is the day for wireless number portability – meaning you can switch cell phone providers yet keep the same phone number. Big deal, you say – but then you haven’t considered what this could do for your corporate cell phone costs. Johna Till Johnson this week looks at the savings in Eye on the Carriers.

Microsoft de-emphasizes .Net

What’s out: .Net and Web services. What’s in: WinFX and Indigo. James Kobielus this week looks at why Microsoft’s focus at its Professional Developers Conference shifted a bit from one set of terms to another.

Skype takes a swipe at phone companies

‘Net Insider Scott Bradner this week focuses his lens on Skype, the peer-to-peer phone overlay network that represents the latest attempt at making Internet telephony a widespread reality. Its usage numbers are puny right now next to that of the phone companies, but there is potential.

No business in IM

Yahoo couldn’t make business-oriented instant messaging work – in fact, soon after it announced version 2.0 of its business IM offering, it shut the whole thing down. Kevin Tolly this week asks why something that’s so popular on the consumer side – and has been pulled into business environments anyway – wouldn’t succeed as a straight business product.