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Allot Communications introduces NetEnforcer

Dec 08, 20031 min
Enterprise Applications

Allot Communications is introducing a high-availability version of its policy enforcement gear to make sure quality-of-service policies remain in tact when a site with two internet connections loses one link.

Called NetEnforcer AC1020, two of the appliances can be placed between dual Internet connections and LAN switches to make sure QoS survives even when one of the WAN connections doesn’t.

Each NetEnforcer AC1020 device is connected to one of the Internet routers and each is also connected to the same two LAN switches. So if one router fails, both switches can still access the remaining router.

The two Allot boxes share the same QoS profile, so regardless of which ISP is being used, the same policies apply. Earlier versions of NetEnforcer could not share a single instance of QoS profile.

NetEnforcer AC1020 is available now at a base price of $40,000.