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IBM readies 4-way Xeon blade

Jan 06, 20042 mins
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IBM readies 4-way Xeon blade, 01/05/04

IBM Monday plans to announce plans to add a third member to its BladeCenter family of high-density blade servers. The Xeon-based BladeCenter HS40 will be the first 4-way blade system released by the Armonk, N.Y., company.

Feature: SANity check, 01/05/04

A long with any new technology come large doses of hyperbole and vague promises. With storage-area networks the promises included better ROI through storage consolidation and increased business productivity through collaboration. Now that SANs have been in place for a while, it’s possible to step back and assess the scope of SAN deployment and gather some insight into how SANs are being designed to support business applications.

The new face of fault-tolerant servers, 01/05/04

With the Internet extending business around the globe – and around the clock – there is a demand on server systems to be up and running all the time. For some companies that means clustering a bunch of boxes to achieve high availability, but analysts say in many cases IT managers should take a second look at fault-tolerant servers.

Microsoft focuses identity management effort, 01/05/04

Amid the growing buzz around identity management, Microsoft is trying to pull together a platform that would offer corporations entry into a new generation of end-user management, security and regulatory compliance.

Talk about legacy machines, 01/05/04

While Digital Space keeps Bruce Damer busy handling projects – including helping NASA create 3D visualizations of future missions to Mars – his true love lies in the DigiBarn, which houses hundreds of computer systems and related artifacts.