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Industry leaders focus on productivity

Feb 02, 20042 mins

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Industry leaders focus on productivity

By Jennifer Mears

Network World, 02/02/04

The Information Work Productivity Council, created nearly two years ago by industry leaders including Cisco, HP, Intel and Microsoft, is holding its first Information Work Forum this week in New York in an effort to reach out to businesses wrestling with the best ways to step up productivity.

The invitation-only event is the first sponsored by the council that is concentrated on creating a framework for businesses to measure productivity stemming from information-centric technology such as e-mail, instant messaging, team workspaces, videoconferencing and Web conferencing.

“It’s all about trying to understand what is the business value of information work in the information age,” says Craig Samuel, chief knowledge officer at HP Services. “Today, information is important and IT is critical. But what is the value being generated? It’s very hard to measure. . . . We want to help companies find a way that they can build a business case for these types of projects like they would for any financial investment decision where ROI is compelling.”

To that end, the IWPC is in the process of developing a set of metrics and industry benchmarks to let companies link business processes with the technology and services they use to connect increasingly dispersed workforces.

The daylong forum will bring together members of the IWPC, leaders in government, including the U.S. Army, the Government Accounting Office and the Federal Aviation Administration, and academia, CIOs and CEOs from organizations such as Aventis and Johnson & Johnson to talk about the evolution of information work and how it is changing the way companies do business.

Presentations will include vertical industry-specific strategies and broader discussions about how information-focused technology is being used within companies. Samuel will talk about the use of collaboration technology to jump-start business.

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