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Eclipsing desktop applications

Feb 09, 20041 min
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* Dr. Internet columnist Steve Blass offers advice on building a vanilla application with Eclipse

We’ve heard about the Rich Client Platform capabilities in Eclipse for building desktop applications. We installed the latest release, Eclipse 2.1.2, and successfully built a few of the sample projects. But we can’t figure out how to remove all the programming menus and extra windows that we don’t need in the application. Can we build a vanilla application with Eclipse without all the IDE trappings?

The RCP implementation is not part of the Eclipse 2.X releases, but is available in the Eclipse 3.0 “stream stable,” “integration” and “nightly integration” builds listed below the latest release link on the Eclipse download site. You can install multiple versions of Eclipse on one system simply by unpacking them in separate directories.

A good resource for RCP documentation and examples is A three-part tutorial on that site explains how to configure the Eclipse development environment to produce desktop applications free of the IDE components and menu items.

The “Nick Edgar’s Browser example” provides a richer demonstration than the basic tutorial and delivers a nice built-in browser component for your own application.