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Interviewing techniques

Feb 19, 20042 mins
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* Some resources you may find helpful in preparing questions and conducting job interviews

Recently we touched on bad interview behavior on the part of candidates, but what about our own behavior during the job interviews we conduct?

One reader recounted a story of how a colleague attended an interview in which the interviewer greeted him by the wrong name and then clipped his nails as he interviewed the candidate. This is an extreme example of making a poor impression of yourself and the company you represent, when the most common difficulty is not giving the prospective employee enough time and attention.

Another reader lamented that many hiring managers don’t take the time to prepare for interviews with candidates and have barely taken a glance at the resume. You get what you put in, and giving some thought to the questions you ask IT pros can help you better assess candidates’ ability to do the job at hand.

With that in mind, here are a few resources you may find helpful in preparing questions and conducting job interviews:

* Behavioral-event interviewing: With this technique, you drill down on applicants’ true competencies primarily by assessing how they would address hypothetical work challenges and delve into the most significant experiences in the candidates’ careers.

* Interviewing job candidates: This bonanza of links includes guidance on structuring the interview, basic tips and principles for effective interviewing. Go to:

* Asking the right questions: Learn what types of questions are illegal or off limits. See:

When you’re ready to bring the candidate in for an interview, minimize any disruptions by conducting the meeting in a conference room or off-site, away from your ringing telephone.