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Planets not aligned for Microsoft suite

Feb 23, 20043 mins
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Planets not aligned for Microsoft suite, 02/23/04

End users say Microsoft’s failed plan to blend its portal and integration software was nothing more than a bloated package that would have forced them to pay for software they don’t need or want.

Microsoft denies charges in RealNetworks suit, 02/20/04

Microsoft in a legal filing Friday denied all charges brought against it last year by rival RealNetworks and argued that RealNetworks has no right to complain.

Microsoft takes case against Lindows to Canada, 02/20/04

After suing in the U.S. and several European countries, Microsoft is taking its trademark infringement case against Linux vendor to Canada.

Microsoft offers security update CDs, 02/19/04

Microsoft has started taking orders for the Windows Security Update CD, a disc with all critical updates released through October 2003 for various Windows versions.

Microsoft’s Virtual Server set to ship by mid-year, 02/18/04

Microsoft on Wednesday released a private beta of its upcoming Virtual Server 2004 and said the finished product would ship by the middle of the year.

Microsoft warns source code downloaders, 02/18/04

In an effort to protect its intellectual property, Microsoft is warning Internet users not to download the Windows source code that appeared online last week.

Lindows becomes ‘Lin–s’ in Europe, 02/17/04

Following court orders barring the Lindows name, Linux vendor has changed its name in several European countries to Lin—s, pronounced Lindash.

Microsoft scrubs Jupiter project, 02/17/04

Microsoft has shelved its Jupiter project that focused on the integration of commerce, content management and integration technology into a single suite.

Sources: EU rejects Microsoft offer, 02/17/04

The European Commission has rejected an offer from Microsoft to settle its long-running antitrust case, said people familiar with the situation on Tuesday.

Newsletter: MSN looks to Aelita to help it manage Active Directory, 02/18/04

Generally speaking, there are three ways for a product to be profiled here in this newsletter: the product is something I’ve tried and am familiar with; it’s something that a trusted colleague is enthusiastic about; or it’s a third party product that Microsoft uses in a production environment. I’m especially high on this latter group.

Latest Microsoft patch could be most critical, 02/16/04

Microsoft released its “first Tuesday” patch bundle last week, and one of the included patches could be the most critical in a long time. It affects every Windows operating system beginning with Windows NT 4 right up through Windows Server 2003. The patch is to correct a problem that would allow a malicious person to take over control of a computer remotely.