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Looking for a low-cost PC auditing tool

Mar 22, 20042 mins

* Dr. Internet columnist Steve Blass helps a reader find a free system audit tool

Is there a low-cost PC auditing tool that can run from a command line to send sysinfo-like system information to a central location by e-mail or by writing to a network share or SQL database?

Aida32 is a free system audit tool ( that provides GUI and command-line interfaces. It runs on everything from Windows 95 through Windows 2003 Server and can write reports to local disk, network share, e-mail or ADO database connections in text, CSV, HTML or XML formats. The program can fit on a diskette and be launched by a batch file containing the command-line switches needed to send the audit report home. It runs faster from CD or if packaged by an installer such as Inno Setup ( for download to the hard drive from a Web page. To run a minimal version, rename the aida32.bin file to aida32.exe and copy it, along with the aida32.ini file and your batch file, to your distribution medium. For a basic hardware report in a text e-mail, your batch file should launch “aida32 /E /SUM /TEXT.” Replacing /SUM with /AUDIT yields a more extensive report (includes installed patches list). The aida32.ini file contains e-mail settings that can be configured by using the GUI.

Blass is a network architect at Change@Work in Houston. He can be reached at