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Tenets of leadership

Apr 15, 20042 mins
Data CenterIT Leadership

* Five qualities leaders should have and six basic principles of leadership

It’s easier to lead during good times than during difficult ones, but it’s when times are tough that employees need strong leaders the most. Challenging times call for leaders who can tap into the best efforts of employees and unite them behind common goals, says Sharon Daniels, CEO of training firm AchieveGlobal.

Leadership skills alone won’t cut it, as employees are seeking executives who demonstrate specific leadership qualities or attributes. AchieveGlobal identifies these five qualities that leaders must develop to get results through others:

* Collaborative: Working together motivates folks towards better results.

* Inventive: Alert, creative, quick-thinking risk takers can seize emerging opportunities.

* Skilled: Being able to get the job done forges credibility.

* Visionary: Creating a shared vision and working with others to make it happen is key to success.

* Mindful: Being aware of leadership behaviors affect others and keeping an even keel in tough waters helps staff stay focused and motivated. 

Having these qualities won’t necessarily make you a good leader either, according to Sharon Daniels, CEO of AchieveGlobal. “What’s still missing are the guidelines for how to work with others in situations that aren’t covered by specific skills. These underlying principles not only help achieve organizational results, but also create strong and committed employees,” she says.

Daniels defines the six basic principles of leadership as:

* Focus on the situation, issue, or behavior rather than the person.

* Maintain the self-confidence and self-esteem of others.

* Maintain constructive relationships.

* Take initiative to make things better.

* Lead by example.

* Think beyond the moment by considering the short- and long-term consequences of your actions.

Honing your leadership qualities and adhering to these basic principles can only help you do your job as an IT leader better.