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IBM updates portal-building software

May 05, 20043 mins

Latest IBM news.

IBM updates portal-building software, 05/04/04

IBM Tuesday released an update to WebSphere Portal Application Integrator, a tool for building portals, or personalized Web sites where employees, partners and customers can access company information.

IBM expands SMB offerings, 05/03/04

IBM last week added to its Express line of software and services for companies with between 100 and 1,000 employees. The new offerings target remote network management, recovery, and more.

IBM moves CFO Joyce to services division, 05/03/04

IBM shuffled its executive suite Monday, moving CFO John Joyce to the head of its services group and naming global financial manager Mark Loughridge as his successor.

Cisco, IBM team on servers, 05/03/04

Cisco and IBM announced last week co-developed products that will improve the management and performance of data center servers and network infrastructure equipment, the vendors say.

IBM powers up server partitioning, 05/03/04

For years, mainframe users have been able to securely partition systems into multiple virtual servers that could share resources and be securely and effectively managed with a single tool. Now IBM wants to …

Opteron servers handle growth of, 05/03/04

Traffic to, the Internet arm of cable television’s The Weather Channel, has been snowballing, as the company’s management continues to push for more robust and customized services. …

B2B acquisitions highlight data quality, 05/03/04

Three vendors with roots in business-to-business integration have snapped up data synchronization specialists in recent weeks, highlighting the growing importance of data quality in electronic …

IBM opens European supercomputer on-demand center, 04/30/04

To meet growing demand for supercomputing services, IBM opened a new high-capacity center in Europe on Friday – its second such center and first outside the U.S.

IBM, Cisco team on blade switch, 04/29/04

Cisco and IBM Wednesday said they plan to collaborate more closely on data center products, beginning with a version of Cisco’s Intelligent Gigabit Ethernet Switch Module that will plug into IBM’s …

Weblog: Virtualize this, 05/03/04

When systems vendors talk about utility computing, what they’re really talking about is virtualizing everything in the data center – servers, storage, network – to create a single pool of resources that can …

Weblog: Tightening data center ties, 05/03/04

IBM and Cisco made an interesting announcement last week that is aimed at continuing to streamline management in corporate data centers….