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MCI launches IP offers at CeBit

Jun 19, 20032 mins
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MCI this week followed up on a product initiative announced less than two months ago with a VPN offering and two new access services.

The carrier launched its IP VPN Remote service at CeBit America. The service allows business users to support a hybrid VPN network using private and public network connectivity.

MCI has deployed a series of Secure Internet Gateways (SIG) that in essence connect the carrier’s frame relay, ATM and IP networks. The service provider first talked about its SIG technology at this year’s NetWorld+Interop.

The service allows users to maintain existing frame relay or ATM network connections while upgrading new locations to IP using a single VPN. The service aims to allow users to protect their current infrastructure investments while migrating to IP.

The carrier also talked about plans to roll out a Wi-Fi service and a new satellite service.

MCI is teaming with Wayport to offer business users wireless LAN connectivity throughout the U.S. Users will be able to connect to the Internet or corporate VPN through one of Wayport’s 600 access points.

The carrier says it is still working out how much the Wi-Fi offering will cost, but MCI says the pricing model will be based on usage. The Wi-Fi service is expected to be available in July.

MCI is also teaming with Tachyon to roll out its second satellite service to customers. Today, MCI resells Hughes Network Systems DirecWay very small aperture terminal (VSAT) service to business users. But the carrier says that the new Tachyon offer will fill a gap for users that need higher bandwidth support. The Tachyon satellite offering supports up to 256K bit/sec upstream and 1M bit/sec downstream. Where the DirecWay service maxes out at 70K bit/sec upstream.

The service provider says this satellite offering might be a good alternative to users that want to use a single access method for all of their locations even in rural or remote locations. MCI also says the service might be a good alternative service to users that want a T-1, but find the cost of a dedicated line to high. While MCI says the Tachyon service will cost less than a T-1 the carrier would not provide pricing or service level agreement details at this time.

MCI says this offering will be available sometime before year-end.