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Is it your fault the CRM software didn’t work?

Jul 14, 20032 mins
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* Is it your fault the CRM software didn’t work? * Everything is digital * Don’t write them off just yet * Training needed

Is it your fault the CRM software didn’t work?

Well, is it? This week’s Face-Off indulges in a little finger-pointing for failures related to implementing customer relationship management software. Dror Pockard says vendors set expectations too high, threw software at customers and walked away. Chris Selland says users often didn’t go into an installation with the right plan. Who’s right? Read each side and jump in with your own comments.

Everything is digital

Any data in digital format is “one step from being turned loose,” points out Mark Gibbs in this week’s Backspin. And anything that is not digital can be made so rather easily these days. The problem among corporate managers is that they don’t get this concept, this new reality upon us.

Don’t write them off just yet

Gartner may have been a bit premature when it asserted that intrusion detection systems were dead, says Network World Editor-in-Chief John Dix in this week’s editorial. If those systems can just solve an issue or two, they still have a chance.

Training needed

Training is vastly underrated these days, says Packet Evangelist Steve Taylor. In a recent eye-opening informal survey, many respondents said their companies wouldn’t pay for training, and attending conferences had to be done on vacation time.