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STT deal faces powerful opposition

Jul 23, 20032 mins

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STT deal faces powerful opposition, 07/21/03

Singapore Technologies Telemedia’s attempt to take over Global Crossing faces powerful opposition from some officials inside the U.S. administration, who think the deal may pose a threat to U.S. national security, the Asian Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

Don’t leave home without RFID, 07/21/03

American Express is expanding a wireless payment scheme to 175 retail locations in the Phoenix area, in a test designed to confirm whether the radio technology can pay off at the cash register.

SCO copyrights Unix, offers protection to Linux users, 07/21/03

The SCO Group announced Monday that it has registered Unix System V source code with the U.S. Copyright Office and that it will offer Linux users licenses of its UnixWare operating system as protection against possible future copyright violations.

Tech Update: Apps switches boost availability, 07/21/03

Layer 7 load balancing devices, also known as Web or application switches, can drill down into URLs or HTTP headers to direct requests. An emerging technology, deep packet inspection, allows these switches to gain an even better view of content.