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Juggling your worries

Jul 21, 20031 min

Network executives shoulder a wide range of daily responsibilities, from keeping the network secure to determining staff workloads. Our annual Top Concerns survey queries 100 of them on which of their responsibilities are most pressing. This year, technology issues generate the most concern with management, network industry and career issues trailing.

Less concern over these items

Of the 20 items that earned lower concern scores this year over last, eight dropped by 10% or more.
Managing outsourced contracts3.834.87-21%
Costs of salaries/benefits for employees5.766.96-17%
Integrating e-commerce and e-business applications 4.705.53-15%
Securing reasonable budgets for projects6.847.98-14%
Obtaining competitive salary and benefits6.247.04-11%
Obtaining bonuses and stock options5.075.68-11%
Replacement of your staff with outsourced services3.834.29-11%
Having a reasonable number of qualified vendors 5.135.69-10%