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In brief: Netgear’s new speedy combo

Sep 01, 20031 min
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Also: Several North American carriers back DSLHome Initiative

  • Netgear last week announced a wireless firewall router and wireless PC Card that, when used together, have a rated speed of 108M bit/sec. Built using Atheros’ Super G technology, the 802.11b/g network equipment is designed to handle bandwidth-hungry entertainment applications for the home. Both available this month, the router (WGT624) costs $150; the PC Card (WG511T) $90.

  • Bell Canada, BellSouth, SBC and Verizon recently announced support for the DSLHome Initiative. Spearheaded by the DSL Forum, DSLHome is working to spur DSL adoption by creating industry standards for residential gateways and other home network equipment. At a member meeting this week in Boston, the DSL Forum plans to present a proposal for delivering voice, video and data services. Early next year, the incumbent local exchange carriers plan to present a set of asymmetric DSL residential gateway requirements.